MERLOT Grapevine

Various authors, MERLOT, Oct 11, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

MERLOT's Fall Issue of Grapevine is out. The main item concerns a new relationship between O'Reilly books and MERLOT - wonder whether the next Perl camel book is going to be peer reviewed... yeah, thought not. People who write software will recognize Safari not as a (dysfunctional) Apple browser but as a long-standing online books program run by O'Reilly (it has been, what, three years now?). So when the item says "O'Reilly and MERLOT will collaboratively develop technology tools and services to integrate access to MERLOT and O'Reilly resources to give the IT community easy access to high quality, relevant digital content" I wonder whether what is really meant is that MERLOT wants to use O'Reilly's online store. Hard to say. Scroll down in the newsletter also to read about MERLOT's Discipline Community Portals - a good idea, but they really should have thought twice about the name before they posted it on the web. Oh well, the extra traffic can't hurt - can it?
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