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Various authors, Yahoo!, Oct 10, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Yahoo! launched a new podcast search and subscribe service on Sunday, marking the most significant development in the field since ipodder (now known as indiepodder). Yahoo! does podcasting a bit differently - "When you subscribe... you will be asked to download a small file called a .pcast file that contains information about the podcast. This file tells jukebox software like Yahoo! Music Engine, iTunes 5.0, and others to keep tabs on this podcast and to go fetch new episodes for you whenever they are ready." The .pcast file looks almost exactly like an RSS file. Alex Williams comments on Corante, "A striking trend is emerging with the search players that you see in Yahoo! Podcast.. It's not that people are being directed away from the search engine but keeping you in the Yahoo! garden to find and subscribe to RSS feeds."
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