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Certainly one of the clearest papers on the E-Framework initiative (nee E-Learning Framework, or ELF). Diagram 3 (p.10) is especially useful. The authors additionally capture the most pressing problem with the E-Framework thus far: in so many words, nobody knows what's going on. Thus, they write, "coherent map is needed." No argument from me! What I'm also sensing in the E-Framework is a bit of a loosening of control. Check the statement of principles at the end of the document, calling for a service oriented approach (instead of monolithic applications; and as long as 'services' is not meant to mean only 'SOAP' I'm fine with it), open standards ("platform independent, vendor neutral, extensible, reusable, publicly accessible, and not encumbered by royalties"), open and transparent processes (can the E-Framework development wiki be far behind?), engagement with communities and flexible deployment. Perfect.

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