Exploding SQL, Yahoo Site Explorer and PubSub rankings

Various authors, Sept 30, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So anyhow, I spent the day yesterday, first, learning the limits of left joins in SQL, and second, trying to get my site back up and running. So there was no OLDaily yesterday, and I'm running behind on links today. I will be catching up over the week-end. And repairing my search function - which may be redundant if Yahoo adds search functionality to this interesting site explorer program. Naturally, I tried it out on my own site and got the unlikely result that I have 52,839 pages on my site and 93,801 links in from other sites. Or maybe I could depend on PubSub, which has a new RSS feed ranking service out - naturally, again, I tried out my own site, which, according to PubSub, was the 5067th most linked site yesterday (and while you're at PubSub, if you are interested in Microformats, check out their structured blogging page). Phew... 6:01 p.m. - time to go home and watch Andromeda.
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