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Organic Aggregation of Knowledge Object in Educational Systems
Human-Computer Interaction: A Review of the Research on its Affective and Social Aspects
Social Capital in Virtual Learning Communities and Distributed Communities of Practice
Bridging Theory and Practice: Developing Guidelines to Facilitate the Design of Computer-based Learning Environments
Self-Regulated Inquiry with Networked Resources
Constructivism, Education, Science, and Technology
Models for Building Knowledge in a Technology-Rich Setting: Teacher Education
Instructional Designers at Work: A Study of How Designers Design
A Framework for Identifying and Promoting Metacognitive Knowledge and Control in Online Discussants
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Off With Their heads! Copyright Infringement in the Canadian Online Higher Educational Environment
What is educational technology, anyway? A commentary on the new AECT definition of the field
Weaving a Personal Web: Using online technologies to create customized, connected, and dynamic learning environments
Just-in-time online professional development activities for an innovation in small rural schools
The Digital Native Debate in Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Literature
Introducing Backchannel Technology into a Large Undergraduate Course

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