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Accreditors Without Borders
As California Goes?
Nowhere to Turn
The New Intelligence
Free Course, Inexpensive Exam
Price of a Bad Review
Dangerous Curves
Who Owns a MOOC?
Coursera's Contractual Elitism
MTOPs: Micro-Targeted Online Programs - (The Anti-MOOC?)
Do We Still Need the "Opinions Are My Own" Social Media Disclaimer?
Who Will Pay for the Paper?
3 Higher Ed Lessons from Netflix's "Long Term View"
MOOCs, History and Context
San Jose State University Faculty Pushes Back Against EdX
The Hijacking of MOOCs
'The MOOC Moment': New Compilation of Articles Available
MOOCs and Community Colleges
Professional Responsibility
Yahoo Overpays for Tumblr
New Model, Familiar Face
Beyond MOOC Hype
Free Courses for a Big Problem
Weigh In or Pay
'Could Have Done More'
Student Loan Lifestyles
Before the Fact
Rebranding: "MOOC" to "CaS"
Building Students' 'Cultural Capital'
Classrooms of Shame
Farewell, Sebastian
Private Distress
Shady Software?
Signs of Surrender in Public Higher Ed
Digital Upgrade for Transcripts
More Competition for Online Certificate Students
General Education's Remake
Everything in Moderation
Is Blogging Unscholarly?
Timid About Fair Use?
Let's Unbundle
When MOOC Profs Move
Strength in Numbers
The Shifting Role of University Systems
Humor That Dare Not Speak Its Name
Stand Up and Be Counted
Competencies Come to Campus
'We Gave It a Year'
A Boost for Active Learning
Defending Commencement Protest
Alexander the MOOC Lands
College Credentials by Condé Nast
Stop Blaming Professors
'Can I Tweet That?'
A Slew of Studies, Summarized
Mean Tweets, Academic Style
Net Neutrality Offensive
Bringing It to the Masses
No More 'Collective Begging'
Punished for Its Mission?
All Things in Modulation
Don't Email Me
OER Beyond Voluntarism
Umbrella Group Backs Unbundling
Shrinking Numbers, Changing Values
Where Does the LMS Go From Here?
That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man
JSTOR, Daily
Blogphilosophy: #education needs to shift, creating meaningful #identities
xAPI case studies available #xapi yeah!
New ADL #mLearning Design Reference model: adjust to your needs
#aha_project discovering the Grit Scale #plog
When an Economic Crisis Hits eLearning, What Do Managers Have to Say About It?
CCK08 - Will Connectivism Without Guidance Result in Unuseful Knowledge Mutations?
QRcodes in eLearning
Social Media Makes This Course Stand Out
Celtx a Free and Open Source Software for Developing eLearning Storyboards
mLearn08: Mobile ePortfolio's by Selena Chan
mLearn08: MiLK: Students Building Mobile Learning Games in Higher Education by Debra Polson
CLTI07 - David Snowden the Patternizing Brain
Sugata Mitra Was Inspiring!!
New Webportal: Science Without Borders Launched
On #Higher #Education and Society in Changing Times and searching for the reason why educational research centres are under siege
Read #MobiMOOC team's best #paper award for #mLearning research
Noam Chomsky on the purpose of #education
Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN
Video reflection on my #CoP lifelong learning experiences
Redirect FB algorithms now and 4 lessons from Cambridge Analytica
Visual self-directed informal learning in FutureLearn MOOC
Yes! #PhD written... looking for joyful bliss once more
42 or why one college does not wipe out previous options
Limitless learning plenary #OEB16 on owning learning
Tips for a PhD defense or viva #phd
Novel initiative Teach Out: Fake news detecting

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