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Five Ways That Science is Culture
Higher Education: Access Denied
Mozilla is Doing a Hack Job on Open Badges
The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment
Ai Weiwei is Living in Our Future
A Teenager’s View on Social Media
Google Brain’s Co-inventor Tells Why He’s Building Chinese Neural Networks
The Web We Have to Save
How big data is unfair
The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science
Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
Sharing, Gifting, and the Moral Evolution of the Social Web
The Maker Movement is about Making Meaning
Mobile App Developers are Suffering
Dear Independent Musicians: I Have Some Bad News For You
Personalization, Not Isolation
The Tragedy of the Canadian Common CV
Network Inequality
The sky is falling on print newspapers faster than you think
It’s Not Just Code, It’s a Network
Is strong AI inevitable?
The Pathology of Platforms
Stop Innovating In Schools
The Missing Building Blocks of the Web
A Few Responses to Criticism of My SXSW-Edu Keynote on Media Literacy
How American Media Failed (at) Democracy, Society, and Reality
Why I Left Academic Philosophy
Adventures in Narrated Reality
How to Make a Twitter Bot in Under an Hour
My name is Wil Wheaton. I Live With Chronic Depression and Generalized Anxiety. I Am Not Ashamed.
Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved
We are the Monkeys of Rum
Learners Voice
SSRN has been captured by the enemy of open knowledge
39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes
Medium acquires Superfeedr
What we learned from designing an academic certificates system on the blockchain
How We Trained an Algorithm to Predict What Makes a Beautiful Photo
Does Higher Education need blockchain?
Education in Africa
The Next Great Platform is the One That We Already Have
Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful
Management and Organization at Medium
The lost infrastructure of social media
Causal Data Science
The Commoditization of Deep Learning
You Can’t Fix Education
Deep Learning is Revolutionary
Introducing Gomix
Facebook’s Instant Articles: damned if you do, damned if you don’t
How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist
Medium, and The Reason You Can’t Stand the News Anymore
Early learning is making a difference for children from ethnic minority communities
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
The Story of Firefox OS
JavaScript API for Face Recognition in the Browser
The three exclamation point problem
Nothing will change until you start building.
Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto
Deep Learning in 7 lines of code
What I wish I knew before joining Mastodon
Facebook’s algorithm isn’t surfacing one-third of our posts. And it’s getting worse
People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently.
This is How Google will Collapse
Web Developer Security Checklist
How Your Data is Stored, or, The Laws of the Imaginary Greeks
A toolkit for predicting the future
Gaokao, A.I. and the New Era of Education in China
Meet Matter Seven
Making the Web More Human
Here (with 2 Years of Exhausting Photographic Detail) Is How To Write A Book
The End of the American Experiment
The web was supposed to be a thing we make
If I Ran a Newspaper….
If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)
Explained simply: How DeepMind taught AI to play video games
Neural Nets for Generating Music
Four Fruits of Philosophy
Science, open access… and Sci-Hub
A mathematician is like a naturalist
Learning Creative Learning: It’s not a MOOC, it’s a community
The playbook for reimagining Higher Education
Something is wrong on the internet
Introducing Spirited Media 2.0
Virtual Reality as Possibility Space
The “Third World” Is Not Your Classroom
Towards an Ethical Framework for Open Recognition
The Year We Found Out Everything We Thought We Knew About the World Was Wrong
Where College Is Free
Overwhelmed by size, underwhelmed by quality: A review of EdTech’s largest show, BETT 2018
Things Experienced Speakers Wish They’d Known: Tips For First-Time Conference Speakers
How to solve the local news crisis? Look it up in the library.
Understanding Media and Information Quality in an Age of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Algorithms and Machine Learning
Tracking Disinformation by Reading Metadata
I created the exact same app in React and Vue. Here are the differences.
Beyond 800 words
The top data structures you should know for your next coding interview
The Story of Decentralized Identity

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