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Emergent Learning
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MIT’s Double-Secret Hidden Agenda
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Informational Cascades in Online Learning
Informational Cascades in Online Learning
Predictions For 2005
Student Privacy Issues, Ethics, and Solving the Guest Lecturer Dilemma in Online Courses
Open-Source Webcasting and Media Archiving Software for E-learning
Predictions for 2006: E-learning Experts Map the Road Ahead
13 (Educational) Things I'd Rather Do Over the Internet
Publish or Perish: Educational Content at a Crossroads
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Can the $100 Laptop Change the World?
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Predictions for 2009
Advertising or Education? Sometimes It's Hard To Tell
Designing and Developing E-Learning Projects: A Three-Tiered Approach
Predictions for 2010
Debate about Roger Schank's Prediction for 2010
Predictors of Success for Adult Online Learners: A Review of the Literature
An Interview With Reggie Smith III, President of the United States Distance Learning Association
Why Is the Research on Learning Styles Still Being Dismissed by Some Learning Leaders and Practitioners?

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