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Marshall McLuhan
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Connectivism Taxonomy
Quick Introduction to Connectivism Course
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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2009
Interrogating media
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Cute Kitten Syndrome: Open Educational Resources
Overview of Complexity Science
Perspectives On Education: The 2050 Will Be Neural and Networked
Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation 2008
Day One Done
Activity Steams: Splicing information and social relations
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Additional Connectivism Resources and Discussion
elearnspace Interview: Stephen Downes
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Instructional Design in Elearning
Preparing Students for Elearning
Online Facilitation
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The Art of Blogging - Part 2
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Current Edu-Bloggers
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Ideas as Corridors
Learning Ecology, Communities, and Networks
Change that prevents real change
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Learning Management Systems: The Wrong Place to Start Learning
Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age
Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age
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Why RSS and Folksonomies Are Becoming So Big
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Learning Development Cycle: Bridging Learning Design and Modern Knowledge Needs
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The Future of Education
Collective or Connective Intelligence?
It's Not What It Is, It's What It Enables
Learning Leaders Fieldbook
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Connectivism and Web 2.0
The Joys of Shallow Thinking...
Networks, Ecologies, and Curatorial Teaching
Connectivism: Learning as Network-Creation
Digital Natives
New Structures and Spaces of Learning: The Systemic Impact of Connective Knowledge, Connectivism, and Networked Learning
Pots, Kettles, and Other Small Appliances of Like Appearance
Meaning Making, Learning, Subjectivity
EdTechTalk#81 - The Mega-Connectivism Course (Part #1)
George Siemens and Stephen Downes - On Knowledge
Connectivism and Connected Knowledge
Free Will?
History of Educational Technology
More aggregation fun
Connectivism Course
Learning in Synch with Life: New Models, New Processes
Connections Are Everything
Constructivism vs. Connectivism
Knowing Before Doing?
Discussion: Stephen Downes
Michael Feldstein and Blackboard
Eportfolio 2006
Knowing Knowledge
Connectivism: Learning Theory or Past Time for the Self-Amused?
Here we are... there we are going
I'm thrilled...
College Education Without Prospects
Centralizing Decentralization
Situating Connectivism
AACE Global U - Social Media Seminar Series
Brain Based Learning
Online Connectivism Conference
Information (Sensemaking) Tools Are Pathetic
Connectivism: What's Happening With the Content
Why Penguins Have No Commanding Officer
Challenges faced by African Universities in technology integration
Digital Learning Apartheid
Scholarship in an Age of Participation
Future Hope Against Today's Reality
Toward a Future Knowledge Society
Internet of Things
Personal Learning Environments
Privileged Peer Review - Whose Opinion Counts?
Social Media Classroom
Connectivism 101
Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media: An Opinionated Digest by George Siemens
What Is the Unique Idea in Connectivism?
Digital Natives and Immigrants: A Concept Beyond Its Best Before Date
Only Connect...
Games and Education
Google Responding to Wikipedia?
ELI Podcast: Connectivism
Learning and Knowing in Networks
Getting Started with Connectivism/Networked Learning...
Collective Intelligence? Nah. Connective Intelligence
Year of the Cloud
Pedagogy First? Whatever.
Conference Connections:
When Information and Interaction Change
What Does It Mean to Be Digitally Literate?
How the Crash Will Reshape America
CCK08 Final Wrap Up Conversation
CCK08 Wrapup Recording
Critical Thinking
Struggling for a metaphor for change
Heading to Athabasca University
Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning
Video recording: Learning 2020
Open isn't so open anymore
Now that we have selected the curtain colour, let's build a new house
Lack of Sympathy
Conclusively proven: video games make aggressive kids
Collapsing to Connections
Changing the System at a National Level
Open Connectivism Spanish Course
Open Course in Education Futures
Systemic Changes in Higher Education
George Siemens – Connectivism: Socializing Open Learning
Online Learning and Traditional Universities
Connectivism in the Enterprise
Reflections on open courses
What are Learning Analytics?
And you thought email was dead…
Why did 17 million students go to college?
Complex knowledge and personal learning environments
Connectivism & Constructivism: PLENK 2010
Connectivism & Constructivism: PLENK 2010
web 3.0/xWeb
Questions I'm no Longer Asking
It's New! It's New!
Will online lectures destroy universities?
The MOOC Model for Digital Practice
Thought experiment on social networked learning (Connectivism)
What's wrong with (M)OOCs?
The stuff is all connected
Announcing Open Course: Learning & Knowledge Analytics
Learning Analytics & Knowledge: Draft Syllabus
Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011
Connectivism and Connective Knowledge: CCK11
Social and connective lock-in
Presentations I've recently enjoyed watching
Special Issue - Connectivism: Design and Delivery of Social Networked Learning
The Problem with Literature Reviews
Open Data
This will be fun: Mother of all MOOCs
Lisbon Connectivism
Information foraging and social networks
Call for Papers: Open Online Courses
George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11
Losing interest in social media: there is no there there
Stanford University does a MOOC
The open access debate
Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2012
Online University Education in Canada
Sensemaking artifacts
Khan and AI: Open Online Courses
MOOCs for the win!
Openness: Why learners should know about, and influence, how decisions are made about their learning
Massive open online courses as new educative practice
The best learning of my life
Remaking education in the image of our desires
Open Letter to Canadian Universities
The future of higher education and other imponderables
Designing and Running a MOOC
The challenge of coherence
xED Book
Future of Higher Education
Learning Management Systems and MOOCs
Adjacent possible: MOOCs, Udacity, edX, Coursera
Supporting EdTech Journalists
Finally, alternatives to prominent MOOCs
The Future of Learning: Digital, Distributed, Data-Driven
Adaptive Learners, Not Adaptive Learning
Handbook of Learning Analytics (open)
New Project: Digitizing Higher Education
Complexity: A Leader's Framework for Understanding and Managing Change in Higher Education
Learning as Artifact Creation
I was wrong about networks
Learning Analytics beyond the LMS: Enabling Connected Learning via Open Source Analytics in “the wild”
Towards Understanding the Lifespan and Spread of Ideas: Epidemiological Modeling of Participation on Twier
Supporting actionable intelligence: Reframing the analysis of observed study strategies
The biggest challenges facing education now and ways to meet them
This Time is Different. Part 1.
SAIL: AI is the only thing
SAIL: State of Research: AI & Education

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