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Stigmergy, Steve Dodson, Language Hat, Jun 20, 2019

I've used the word 'stigmergy' on a few of occasions in the past. This article, in addition to referencing a definition ("the trace left in the environment by an action"), makes the point thet 'stigmergy' is a good word while 'sematectonic' is an undesirable alternative (I would also add that the Greek word στίγμα (stigma) allows for traces as both representations and non-representations, while the word σῆμα (sema)... [Direct Link]

Of OER and Free Riders, David Wiley, iterating toward openness, Jun 23, 2016

David Annand writes, "Incentives need to discourage ‘free-riders’. Otherwise, a valid competitive strategy for institutions... would be to wait and merely use without cost the OER resources produced by others." Heather Ross asks, "Is the idea of 'free-riders' really a concern in OER?" David Wiley replies with an emphatic "no" and then, more usefully, takes Annand to task for his presumed model of OER production. "If our only model for creating the OER necessary to replace ... [Direct Link]

Organizing, Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Jan 16, 2016

Quoted at length from Self-organization of complex, intelligent systems: an action ontology for transdisciplinary integration, Francis Heylighen, Integral Review: A mobilization system would combat this confused and unproductive way of acting by redirecting effort in the most efficient way at the most important issues. This requires the following steps: helping people to reach consensus about the specific goals that they consider most important. This can be done in part by seeking ... [Direct Link]

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