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Oct 01, 2018Twitter @DrSBellemare: What we think vs what pts think when we use general language to discuss risk. How might this affect your approach… https://t.co/rlTOGiGmR7
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @DrSBellemare: Using pictograms to discuss This is what might happen if we do nothing vs if we do something might help patients… https://t.co/bpO1N5HmT6
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: Remember to share your Learning Pearls.#10NAC https://t.co/RAWNOCIc1r
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @CE_MichenerUHN: .@CE_MichenerUHN & @MichenerInst are thrilled to join the @Royal_College at its national conference for the first t… https://t.co/WyxPG36kir
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @DrLoriConnors: CPD Accreditation Case Clinic. Always learning pearls at this session! #10NAC
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Enjoying the first break-out of #10NAC @Royal_College Accreditation 101: setting the stage for your CPD accreditation program
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Accreditation #pearl make sure program format (live, online, blended) is appropriate for the learning objectives a… https://t.co/9GPn1mvn2d
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @doc4brains: @Azzam_Khalid and @Royal_College Kate Marsden kickoff the first breakout #10NAC with a standards quiz https://t.co/jo1F8wJkoi
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @Queens_FacDev: Check out this great poster at #10NAC ! https://t.co/WFEPL6j1zx
Oct 01, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Yes, I’d say the team has a #NAC for good posters! #10NAC #puns https://t.co/GQ6sALcfvT
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CeeJay613: Celebrating 10 years of the National CPD accreditation conference! #10NAC https://t.co/VOpo91T9Tn
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Francine Lemire welcomes us to #10NAC. Lots accomplished: CanMEDS integration in CPD, our new National Standard f… https://t.co/2hxQ58wJle
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Thank you @Royal_College for this honour! #10NAC #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #InnovationAward2018 https://t.co/7ULk9qOz32
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Queens_FacDev: Looking forward to hanging this up in the office!! #InnovationAward #FacultyDevelopment #10NAC https://t.co/ZRZ28qGPSv
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Downes: My talk tomorrow (Tuesday) starts at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time. It should be available live here:… https://t.co/3oIrGbiUGK
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: Celebrating 10 years of the National CPD Accreditation Conference. @cfpcceo @FamPhysCan @Royal_College #10NAC https://t.co/a2AtLLyjw8
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: @FamPhysCan CPD Program Development Award winners @UBCCPD presented by CFPC Board member @bradybouchard #10NAC https://t.co/ceeRWxGbh3
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Do you plan #cpd activities for physicians? @UBCCPD has a new CPD planning guide and checklist that will help you,… https://t.co/1DCJikhSmo
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Downes: Getting ready to webcast live in about 10 minutes at https://t.co/d05sLhX7Uq #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: @FamPhysCan Amy Outschoorn opening day 2 with inspiring words from her son, practice and practice until your are th… https://t.co/34svAni4An
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Day 2 at #10NAC! https://t.co/vVAJThtr1B
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseIs this working?
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrLoriConnors: Live broadcast at #10NAC . Not sure what that means but here we go!
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseIs this working?
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Hi everyone! Looking forward to Steven’s talk! #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseIs this working?
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseThis is why I hate Apple products!
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @doc4brains: #10NAC Keen to hear Steven's talk about on line learning
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseGood morning #10NAC!
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: I’d agree. CPD for doctors has lead in its approach to disclosure of COI. But then...we had a history we needed to address. #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: Mr. Stephen Downes, helping us to solve old problems in new ways. #10NAC https://t.co/5Ch96T6OnY
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseAppreciate the opportunity to post via a back channel as not all of us are onTwitter. #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: First time being apart of an interactive audience with live web-casting. Technology is amazing! #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Anymouse
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: #10NAC Network knowledge created based on interactivity, emergent, and owned by the network as a whole.
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @moorelps: Pleased to have our @mcmasterchse #Equity and #Diversity project cited by Mr. Stephen Downes at #10NAC! https://t.co/pvCYHhNHVu
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @doc4brains: Stephen Downes compares groups versus networks as we think about CPD in the future #10NAC https://t.co/RcY54WXePX
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @bobparson: #10NAC , networks starting to seem like a nice positive Canadian version of anarchy. Anarchy 2.0 ?
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Great food for thought for the CFPC as we consider how to support, and brand, our focused practice member interes… https://t.co/MbsyeNZMxW
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: #Pearl from the morning plenary /The knowledge in a group comes from the centre and is distributed outward - CPD: l… https://t.co/WWSM9WDTBw
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrSBellemare: Stephen Downes @oldaily speaks to the value of networks vs groups to leverage knowledge. Synergy. Distribution. In… https://t.co/HGvb1sGDEp
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @3canoes: Reaching a wider network in CPD goes beyond the physical walls of the classroom. Engaging CPD thru social media wil… https://t.co/OQSLYqntA1
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @doc4brains: Did you know that the first MOOC was invented at the University of Prince Edward ? Listening to Stephen Downes ,… https://t.co/smrSJnJFhM
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: #10NAC @oldaily content ➡️practice vs practice ➡️ content in learning design. #pearl
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @doc4brains: Are MOOCs still part of a hype cycle #10NAC?
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CAPM_R: It is reassuring to see that technology issues happens to computer researchers just as frequently as the rest of us… https://t.co/SRZXQ1GU1f
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: #10NAC we are so good at sharing and collaborating we crashed the network! @oldaily
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Practice Improvement /ACQ activities will hopefully feel more like learning you do for yourself. And, I would ad… https://t.co/yBtUlyarwG
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: QI/PI /ACQ activities will hopefully feel more like learning you do for yourself. But with others. And for patients. #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @doc4brains: Do learning objectives limit learning? This is the second time in two days I have heard this from a plenary speaker @Royal_College #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: @doc4brains @Royal_College They do in group learning. This means planners need to work hard to make sure the LOs ar… https://t.co/TB1QQEbDoD
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrSBellemare: @doc4brains @Royal_College I think they might...Though they guide you, the teacher, in identifying your scope of pl… https://t.co/sO1DFEkpqj
Oct 02, 2018AnymouseBest way to manage conflict of interest is to be super transparent; otherwise avoid it all together!
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: #10NAC blockchain for managing COI...now the wheels are turning. @oldaily
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @azbib: Stack Overflow is a good version of CPD #10NAC @Royal_College
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: #10NAC can we do a Reddit style "Ask me anything" for CPD, Accreditation, or Certification?
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @3canoes: How do you go about measuring outcomes? #10NAC https://t.co/c07zWmHSao
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrSBellemare: A little revolution going on in my brain right now thanks to this live streaming #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Morag_Paton: thinking of Ursula Franklin’s prescriptive technologies... #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: #10NAC @oldaily learning gaps vs learning opportunities.
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrSBellemare: Teacher-provided learning objectives: could they be doing more harm than good? Pearl from @oldaily #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Do we need a national COP in CPD in Canada? Can this #10NAC meeting become a distributed, always on network?
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Morag_Paton: If we all move to internet enabled networks, what happens to the 45% of the world without internet access? #10nac #equity
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrJeffSisler: Today, I’m literally grounded in our @FamPhysCan - @Royal_College partnership! Thanks for the fine gift from… https://t.co/Vpb9ITG9uh
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: @ESoleas asking a question to our plenary speaker @oldaily about how to use technology via online learning without… https://t.co/lzJAndHSSZ
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Morag_Paton: @CPD_QueensU references @BDHodges1 asking what happens to compassion #10nac
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @cfpcceo: @FamPhysCan #10NAC Stephen Downes @oldaily Interesting question about whether one of the risks of online learning i… https://t.co/0D6GXwFdS3
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: accreditation #pearl and good reminder from comparing the @Royal_College and @FamPhysCan criteria at #10NAC -- logo… https://t.co/kBu19mKsyb
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @DrLoriConnors: Poster presentation at #10NAC @CSACI_ca @Dalhousie_CPD https://t.co/VvJW9uIT3k
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: @DrJeffSisler and @Royal_College Dr. Craig Campbell bring it all together presenting on the Future of Medical Edu… https://t.co/fBFr3Ba60v
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Informative lecture on ‘The New vision for CPD: Recommendations from the FMEC-CPD initiative’ #10NAC https://t.co/21kmMrq0os
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: Thank for all the collaborative and passionate participation in my workshops over the last two days of #10NAC. Pres… https://t.co/UUFmaAozBI
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @CPD_QueensU: Thanks @Royal_College for the special lunch table! #fancy #10NAC https://t.co/b0sq5IY3wk
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: @Royal_College Craig Campbell, when @HealthCanada refused to fund FMEC-CPD we did what CPDers do, we found a way. #10NAC
Oct 02, 2018Twitter @Downes: Slides and video from my talk today are now available at https://t.co/LtlAgPd4dW #10NAC
Oct 08, 2018Twitter @Harrysgd: Closing Town Hall #10NAC. Reflecting on our learning and making plans for #11NAC. We will see you in Ottawa in Octo… https://t.co/LwI76rZaIA
Oct 08, 2018Twitter @CeeJay613: That’s a wrap on @Royal_College @FamPhysCan #10NAC! Two down one to go. Next up is #ICRE2018 in Halifax in 12 days!… https://t.co/c3rPyEo4CY
Oct 08, 2018Twitter @xb7r: @Downes @ARTiFactor not for me on - 8:00 to 9:00 AM EDT YouTube said live stream will start soon. Watching recordin… https://t.co/zFU2Dt8cQa
Oct 09, 2018Twitter @GCruzMatos: #el30 https://t.co/G2tsP7L5eU
Oct 09, 2018Twitter @Downes: You can now subscribe to the E-Learning 3.0 course newsletter - https://t.co/ZzDnSubcFj - the first newsletter publishes October 15. #el30
Oct 09, 2018Twitter @Downes: I'm testing the backchannel in my #el30 Activity Centre
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: I'm testing the backchannel in my #el30 Activity Centre again. :p
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @x28de: Getting ready for #EL30 https://t.co/4LZprOoS2H
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @thepostcritic: I think I’ve found my mooc - e-learning 3.0 with @Downes https://t.co/ChTNB9ymsg #mscedc #connectivism #el30
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: This is the Activity Centre where we will be running events in E-Learning 3.0 - https://t.co/NGcrGrg3dG - it's quie… https://t.co/1TS8bqB6rS
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: Also don't forget you can now subscribe to the #el30 course newsletter - https://t.co/ZzDnSubcFj
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: E-Learning 3.0 Live Webcast - Getting Ready for E-Learning 3.0 with guest researcher Helene Fournier - 12 noon EDT… https://t.co/Hq42fWf4Lj
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @vperlab: Ready for #el30, a new MOOC by Stephen Downes himself : -).
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: E-Learning 3.0 Starting Now in the Activity Centre - https://t.co/NGcrGrg3dG - if you are in the Activity Centre an… https://t.co/wlH60O7oiI
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: Direct link to E-earning 3.0 Video - https://t.co/OsEZGBpfyO - #el30 (in case the Activity Centre isn't working for you)
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: Type your comment to the E-Learning 3.0 course and use the hashtag: #el30 and your comment will show up in the course chat
Oct 11, 2018Twitter @Downes: You can watch the #el30 Intro video here - https://t.co/FbCP1J8n8G - it was a rocky start - Helene never got the in… https://t.co/5LAqIdNKVQ
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @Downes: Today's E-Learning 3.0 newsletter is now available. #el30 https://t.co/UD5dRiRFbB
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @PC_CiudadVieja: #El30 #MuseumStore Primer Mundial de Football / "El comienzo de la leyenda" Degustación y lanzamiento del Vino del… https://t.co/qwSZ5t4AZh
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @dogtrax: A direct link to the link-layered hub https://t.co/V9kWp1X7w4 #el30
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @dogtrax: Dang. I saw two other posts in newsletter from participants that were not in my original hub. Updating the image no… https://t.co/nCnvvwZMef
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @laura_ritchie: @dogtrax I really like this - seeing lots of posts together is lovely. :) #el30
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @dogtrax: @laura_ritchie I think there is a sense of connectedness when seen through this kind of visual lens. Or at least, t… https://t.co/8gwKUck6k2
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @Downes: @dogtrax I thin k you've been reading my mind - this basically completes the Task for week 8, and I haven't even announced it yet. #el30
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @Downes: The E-Learning 3.0 event #el30 'Dialogue on Community' starts in 45 minutes - https://t.co/H8z56JbaJn
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @Downes: #el30 Join the hangout live - https://t.co/oeTwRbahYd
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @Downes: The recording from our #el30 E-Learning 3.0 event 'Dialogue on Community' is now available - https://t.co/pNbs6tKTzK
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @dogtrax: EL30: A Visual Sense of Distributed Community, Connected https://t.co/FIK1keL3OK Kevin’s Meandering Mind #el30 https://t.co/f1GCUIdwIJ
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @kukharenko: #el30 preliminary impressions – Learning with Moocs https://t.co/ZXYTuzRpCa
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @Mixed_Realities: communiity activities by #el30 learners - thank you @dogtrax for the thinglink which I shamelessly embedded https://t.co/UV37bGGe5Q
Dec 12, 2018Twitter @laura_ritchie: @Mixed_Realities I wrote a section in the Peeragogy handbook too. Small world. I need to get back with that group.… https://t.co/x2SltRoU74