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Global Patent Map Reveals the Structure of Technological Progress
Alice Munro is 1st Canadian woman to win Nobel literature prize
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Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)
Matching Skills and Labour Market Needs: Building Social Partnerships for better skills and better jobs
Google's New Glass Credo: Don't Be Creepy
ALT issues first Open Badges as part of ocTEL and releases plugin to the community
The digital degree
Social media in education: ethical concerns
Will SOOCs eat MOOCs for breakfast?
Ten useful reports on MOOCs and online education
Ed Tech Investment & Exit Report – 2014 On Track for New Funding Record
Network Theorist Barry Wellman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oxford Internet Institute
The Open University launches Badged Open Courses
Launching the new Open Access Button. Push Button. Get Research. Make Progress.
Canadian colleges’ successes with disadvantaged learners Highlighted at UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills Summit
Learn from Coursera on your next JetBlue flight
Have a business idea? Get funded with Coursera
If I Could Make a School
Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Enabling A New Pedagogy?
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Socrates, Plato and Education Spending
6 Best Practices for Developing Competency-based Job Profiles
Debunking the Myth about a Creative Destruction of Higher Education with Technology as the Driver
Translation for massive open online courses to be developed by the traMOOC project
Udacity's Nanodegrees Get Accredible-d
The Ultimate Guide to BPMN2
Scientists achieve critical steps to building first practical quantum computer
Facebook opens up Internet.org amidst net neutrality row
Cybersafety: new guide demystifies
Canada is a Hot Spot for Creative and Imaginative Developments in Online Learning
The OU is closing doors
Mesage to OpenEd Community
A network of artificial neurons learns to use human language
Expert-Level Certification Program Evolution
What is Your IQ According to Your Facebook Posts?
UK University Opens in Australia
Blackboard's Reversal of Position; Desire2Learn Moves for Stay in the Court of Appeals
Interview with Erik Duval
Subjects Torn Up in School Review
Presidents Who Blog
Nintendo to Open Up Wii Console
What Status for Open? A ccLearn Publication
The significance of plot without conflict
Connectivism in Practice — How to Organize a MOOC
YouTube Tests Even Higher Quality Videos
Open Educational Resources Presentations at CETIS08
Common Sense Change
The Blue Book: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds
Olympic Mottoes Borrow Lines From O Canada
7 Things You Should Know About Flip Camcorders
The Laptop Backlash
Appeal Brief Filed
Could a Keyboard Sleeve Turn Tablets into Cheap(er) Notebooks?
Online Push in California schools
N.B. Bans Facebook During School Hours
The Future of Campus Email
Why Bloggers Blog
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
The effectiveness of work-experience programs in Canadian high schools
Russian OS to Be Installed in Every School
Schools Alone Cannot Help Poor
Help Wanted
Maritime band battles to keep music on YouTube
Bloggers Keep Teachers, Students Informed On Education Topics
E-Learning Trends 2008
Rules Grammar Change
Teachers, Too, Are Networking Online
TV Download Battle Finally Begins in Canada
Are We Beyond the Two Cultures?
RSS Support in CourseForum and ProjectForum
VeriSign's OpenID SeatBelt Plugin
Nintendo's Own Study Show Wii Not So Great As Exercise
ScienceDirect Available with Single Sign-On
Academic Publishing: Open Sesame
State of Learning in Canada: Toward a Learning Future
Multiply's Spam-O-matic UI
Language Barriers
Exam Paper Leaking Virus Detected
ISE launches E-learning Tool
RSS Support in CourseForum and ProjectForum
Microsoft Arabia signs MOU to Bring Partners in Learning Initiative to Saudi Arabia
Sana'a University to deploy largest e-learning project in the Middle East
Life-long Learning’s Usual Suspects
Ways To Use Weblogs in Education
The Two-Punch Power of Weblogs in Education
Online UK Library Network Goes Live With First Key Phase
Copyright Clearance Center Releases New Report on Copyright in the Digital Workspace
Stand and Deliver
Ever Higher Society, Ever Harder to Ascend
Education Reform IsCRLFBiggest Urban Legend
Games Help You 'Learn and Play'
ECMAScript Menu System
AskJeeves buys Bloglines
5th Grade Science Class Take Part In Distance Learning Program
Table of Contents, Dictionary and Thesaurus in Google Docs
Times Company to Buy About.com for $410 Million
Company Pulls out of Contract to Track Students
EU Software Patent Law Faces Axe
An Analytical World View: Tsunami Crisis
Global Digital Divide Narrowing
'Adver-Tweets' Eroding Trust Among Twitterers: Critics
Is the Nightmare Finished?
Governors Work to Improve H.S. Education
How and Why Smart Companies are Harnessing the Creativity of Their Customers
Packaging and Publishing Learning Objects: Best Practice Guidelines
Online Music Lovers 'Frustrated'
Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources
Stones to Roll into Moncton for Concert
BBC Eases Rules on News Feed Use
Collaborative Learning - a CET Resource
Systems Thinking and Practice: Diagramming
La directrice générale de la Télé-Université du Québec se fait rassurante
Reader: Web 2.0 and Education
Intel Aims To Gather 300 Universities By 2006 For Its Mobile Programme
Microsoft works on own BitTorrent
Software Piracy 'Seen as Normal'
Patent Absurdity
Report on the Meeting of Experts on Digital Preservation: Metadata Specifications
National Game Study 2005
Learning in an Online World
Downloading 'Myths' Challenged
Feed Me, Academia
How the World Was Populated
New Glossary of Australian Education Terms
Digital Youth: How today’s students use digital content in school vs. at home.
Informal Learning - Here at Last?
End of an era for Open University
BNN Trying To Silence The Canadian Copyright Debate?
Effective Teaching & Learning
Call for Free Access to Research
Interactive WhiteBoard/ Common File Format v1.0 Specification Released
It's A Whole New Web
Moodteller: Estimating Mood Levels in LiveJournal
A Field Guide to Learning management Systems
E-Learning Standards Survey
Victim Sues RIAA Under RICO Act
Student Achievement - What Shoudl We Really Be Measuring?
Paul Feyerabend
California Software Maker Grabs Centra for an Estimated $60M
SWR Search/Retrieve Web Service
ePresence 3.0 Has Been Released
Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States, 2006
Chinese Students Know More Science Facts But Neither Group Especially Skilled In Reasoning
$10 Laptops On Anvil for Students
Virtual & Managed Learning Environments
Yahoo! Shortcuts
Observatory on Rights Management for e-Learning in Europe
E-Learning Market Update (August 2007)
The MySpace Generation
Firefox Scholar (aka SmartFox)
Blogger Web Comments for Firefox
Desiging and Building With Ajax - Slides, Code and Resources
Canada's High School Dropout Rates Are Falling
The Power of One-to-One Computing
PTO Denies Blackboard's Suspension Petition
European Commission Is Misleading EU On Copyright Extension, Says Academic
Temporary Notice to Free Blog Users
Top Stories of 2005 For Academic Librarians
Internet Lampposts to be Trialled
Live Broadcast Streaming for Free (or Almost)
Reaching your Market: Web Strategies for VET Providers
LSDA e-learning Professional Development Framework: Consultation Call
DRM: Media Companies' Next Flop?
Marketing Indian eLearning: Crabs In A Bucket
iTunes U
Web 2.0: Does it Exist, and Why on Earth Should You Care
Create Your Own Firefox Extension
Feeding Hungry School Children: Added to the Development Agenda
Open Textbook Challenge Wave I Winners Announced!!
New Study On Use of Web 2.0 Applications in Classrooms
BbWorld '07 Presentations Available
Standards-Based Report Cards Replace Letter Grades
My Virtual Life
Camera Shirt Turns You Into the Spy You Were Meant to Be
Directory of Australian Edubloggers
Podcasting Tutorials
Student TV Finds Home on Web
Teenager Repellent Mosquito Turned Into Ringtone
Podcast Lectures for Uni Students
Captain Copyright Caught Copying
E-learning trends according to Google
Wikipedia Founder Discourages Academic Use of His Creation
Learner Identity Management Framework
NMC Publishes Results of Educators in Second Life Survey
EdNA Online Strategic Directions
Librarians Condemn Captain Copyright
AJAX Desktop Tutorial - Overview
Top 10 Freeware Software Nobody Knows About - But Should
Maine Extends Laptop Program with Apple
Brazilians With Tiny Orange Laptops
Video Sharing Creates Challenges For Schools
Relational Database Normalisation Process
Open University's Links to HE Open Education Sites
Windows Principles: Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition
The HUB (School Your Way)
US Yahoo Offers Copy-free Music
OpenAcademic Goes Live!
Remembrance Day
Virtual and Immersive Learning
Weblogs in the Classroom
FON's Wireless Revolution Starts Now
Survey Reports Canadian Tech Transfer
Webcasts a Boon to School Sports
ADL Releases SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Public Draft
Good Shooting Guide: the Basic Principles
Will Wikipedia Mean the End Of Traditional Encyclopedias?
British Academy Says Copyright Hindering Scholarship
British Company Launches Poetry Download Site
$100 Laptop Reinvents Computer Security
Imperial History
Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE)
OU Offers Free Learning Materials
Why It Takes a Doctorate to Beat Inflation
Best of the Best Web 2.0 Web Sites
Creating and Connecting
Copying Own CDs 'Should Be Legal'
SkillSoft to Acquire NETg from Thomson
Skills Training Dysfunctional
Play is Essential for Optimal Development
Rote Learning Improves Memory In Seniors
Internet Explorer 7 Checklists
University of Manitoba Adopts Web 2.0 Approach to Learning
How to Bring Schools into 21st Century
Big Labels Offer Free Music to College Students
Vista Copy Protection Is Defended
Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent
State of Learning in Canada: No Time for Complacency

10-Year-Old Twins Expelled From U of O

Students in S. Bronx Refuse to Take Test
The Killer Feature of Google's New Chrome Web Browser - Combined Search and Address Bar - Will Conquer IE.
7 Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments
Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools
RSP Blog Directory
Pupils Get Home Internet Access
10 Scariest and Most Annoying Facts About Google Chrome
And Now, the Animated E-Framework
Quick Guide to New USAToday.Com Features
How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories
Why Use Online Forums in Teaching?
Canada's Biggest Economic Challenge: Improving Workplace Learning
CADE Media Festival
Predators and Cyberbullies: Reality Check
PearsonEd Accepts the Edugator Challenge
Brainbox: Neuroscience and Learning
Mobile Technology in Medical Education Bibliography
Obsessed with Putting Ink On Paper
Second Life Brand Map
Blog Opens On the Learner of the Future
Top 20 Most Influential Training Professionals
74 Quality Ruby On Rails Resources and Tutorials
12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know
13 Reasons Colleges Are in This Mess
Apple Announces Windows Browser
Semantic Technology Primer
Mandarin 2.0
Failure to Innovate Sinking Economy: Report
Setting Learning Free
Computers Can Raise Attainment
What - Where - When
Online Public Consultation On the OECD Ministerial Meeting On the Future of the Internet Economy
Breaking News: Web Crash 2007
How to Develop a Hit Facebook App: 29 Essential Tools and Tutorials
The Real Myers-Briggs Personality Types
Paper Battery Offers Future Power
September 19 - Talk Like A Pirate Day
$1 Cdn = $1 US
Pink Floods School Hallways in Bid for Tolerance
10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks
EduSpaces Shutting Down
NRC: Better Value Than the Average Superhero
SPS Partnering with Connexions for Open-Access Educational Repository
The Learning Federation: A Nationwide Initiative to Encourage Development of Interactive and Interoperable Learning Objects in the Schools Sector
Web 2.0 How-to Design Guide
Social Networking, the Third Place, and the Evolution of Communication
Post-Secondary Education in Canada: Strategies for Success
Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences
Getting Serious
Landing On the Moon: July 20, 1969
Oregon Attorney General Says No to RIAA
Revision of the Classification of Instructional Programs
Gender Differences in Career Choices: Why Girls Don't Like Science
Children Promised Rubbish Lessons
Ottawa Opens Up Wireless Industry to More Competition
Dynamic Instructional Content Exchange
#MetaOER Project: Open Repository on Open Educational Resources on Open Educational Resources
Can Data Threaten Good Teaching?
Business Coalition Opposes Harsh Copyright Reform
5 Open Source E-Learning Scripts
Reading the Future
Notices of Appeal Filed; Blackboard Jumps the Gun
Pearson Presents: Learning to Change
Common Cartridge Frequently Asked Questions
Twitter Limits Potential App Growth - How This Hurts Our Users
Moodle Joins Forces with Google
The CellScope
Copyright Act - Feds launch country-wide public consultation
How to Build a Popularity Algorithm You can be Proud of
Howard Rheingold on Essential Media Literacies
Communique from an Absent Future
Are your students smarter than a computer?
Lessons Learned from Creating a Social Networking Site for More than Just Socializing
KAIROS funding cuts questioned in House of Commons
Haiti: 360°
Surgeons practice on virtual brain
NCBI ROFL: Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge
Newspaper group call to block BBC iPhone apps
Ten rules for writing fiction
When using open source makes you an enemy of the state
Cap on tuition fees 'should be scrapped'
Claim: Video clip shows an elementary school stage production of Scarface.
Jacky Lumarque: Haitian university rector, innovator and agitator
Linking research & learning technologies through standards
Announcing the publication of Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Vol 1
E-Learning Journals
Court Backs Dismissal of Digital Copyright Claim
Brainless slime mould makes decisions like humans
Motoring enthusiast builds 367mph bus
Critical Past
Paulo Freire and Critical Pedagogy
Cyberbullying - Damage in a Digital Age
Mental maturity scan tracks brain development
Don't tell teachers how to act on Facebook, says union
5 Pieces of Advice for Lawyers Trying to Scare Educators Who Think Outside The Ban
Introducing the TED iPad App
Prototype of an Open Web App Ecosystem
Exposing a Galaxy within the Brain
Every Teacher's Must-Have Guide To Facebook
New Facebook Profile Page Now Live. How To Get It
Office 365 Brings the Cloud to Education
Incredible App Visually Translates Foreign Language Images Instantly
Call for Radical Change in Learning Culture
Explore IFTF's Robot Renaissance: The Future of Human-Machine Interaction Map
Eight-year-old children publish bee study in Royal Society journal
The disposable academic
Founder of 'Arts & Letters Daily' Dies
BT Content Connect service faces 'two-tier net' claims
Review of Federal Support to Research and Development
Did the Internet Kill Privacy?
The Ultimate Guide To Online Privacy
What Hardware Do I Need for a Personal Media Server?
PBS and Grunwald National Research Indicates Lack of Technology Infrastructure in Classrooms
The Spinning Dancer Illusion
The Evolution of Classroom Technology
New UniLeaks Site Is WikiLeaks For Higher Ed
Nowcasts: Predicting the Present
Spare us the e-mail yada-yada
Jukebox Hero
CAUT Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Material
Project #metaOER – Let's get to work
I Robot
Google Prediction API - Machine learning for your business
Plans for ICO website on changes to cookies rules
Acceptable Use Policies in Web 2.0 & Mobile Era
'Perceptual Learning' Teaching Method Used At New Roads School In Santa Monica
Neuro-tweets: #hashtagging the brain
George Couros
The A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags
Improving Names data with help from institutions
E-portfolios: join in now
Hot Topic: Canada Inequality
Model Lesson Featured at ISTE 2011
This Is The New Delicious
Platforms for Collective Awareness and Action
Innovation in Education: Where is the 21st Century University?
What's in a tweet
The Teacher’s Guide To Using Posterous Spaces
7 Things you should know about MOOCs
C21 Canada: Canadians for 21st Century Learning and Innovation
Moncton student's anti-bullying video goes viral
Great Big Sea gives boost to distance learning
Scientific Method versus Engineering Design
There’s no contest when it comes to CEO compensation
ADL Next Generation Architecture Proof-of-Concepts
Interactive maps reveal London’s history in unprecedented detail
Samuel Youd, aka John Christopher (1922 – 2012)
Toronto & Western Break Ranks to Sign Access Copyright Deal
An Interview with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
Public school students better prepared for university
Scientists Create an Ultra Secure Subconcious-based Password System
Free Online Sustainability Course
7 Things You Should Know About ... Badges
E-books' popularity crimps demand for paper
Comparison of MOOCs and MOOC-like initiatives
Coursera Course Catalog
System Configuration
Learning: the Google Way
Java is Insecure and Awful, It’s Time to Disable It, and Here’s How
A guide to the basics of jQuery
The Current State of Open Access Repository Interoperability (2012)
Privacy Icons Legal Hackathon
Patent Box
A New Pedagogy is Emerging... And Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor
ISCED: International Standard Classification of Education
Learning new lessons
The Top 20 Most Popular LMS Software Solutions
5 Wishes for the Next Stage of Online Learning
2016 Lecture Capture Survey
Generations of service, love and respect
Flicking the switch: taking digital technology education further
Established education providers v new contenders
What We All Agree On