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March 3, 2011

Assessment and Recommendations On the Shortage of HQP Talent in Information and Communications Technology
Various Authors, Labour Adjustment Committee, March 3, 2011.

Interesting document for those of us living in New Brunswick, Canada. It looks at the current state of the information technology industry in the province and makes recommendations regarding the training or attraction of a workforce sufficient to meet current and projected IT demands in the province. "While some businesses are opening up operations in the Province," write the authors, "others are choosing not too, because they don't think we have a deep enough ICT talent pool. And the prospects for improvement are bleak unless we act. " From the New Brunswick Information Technology Council. Via David W. Campbell, who writes, "in a future report the NBITC should draw a more direct line that aligns their vision for IT – thousands of new jobs, GDP, etc. and a stronger sense of how we would get there."

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Full Text RSS Feed Builder
Various Authors, Website, March 3, 2011.

Oh, here's something I'm going to keep around: a system that takes the horrible truncated RSS feeds some sites provide, and replaces them with full-content feeds. From the site: "Love the ease of RSS, but hate when feeds don't display the whole article, forcing you to click through just to read it? Regain control by entering the URL of a feed below and clicking the submit button to receive a full-text feed URL you can use anywhere."

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files/images/wow-500x312.png, size: 251244 bytes, type:  image/png
Experience the Future of the Web with the Web O' Wonder
Erica Jostedt, The Mozilla Blog, March 3, 2011.

This site is pure eye-candy, but it's useful eye-candy as it is essentially a preview of all the neat effects that are available in HTML5, CSS3 and the rest of the new web technologies coming soon.

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OER Glue
Various Authors, Website, March 3, 2011.

I'm reading from Abel Cain, "Very cool new online tool from Google to find and build courses. Closely related to what we're trying to achieve with the UNESCO OER Platform. Just received beta tester access, will upload more news soon." The tool is OER Glue, and here's what it does:
- "Great OER content is out there. Gather that content, stitch it together, and engage learners w/o reinventing the wheel."
- "Seamlessly integrate content with dozens of popular websites, apps, and social media services."
- "Make ANY web content engaging, interactive and shareable using the same tools your learners use every day."
There's only one demo course available yet - it looks like it's all pre-beta - and the method seems to be to populate a hierarchal course structure with OER content. Still, they're trying.

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