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by Stephen Downes
August 19, 2010

21st Century Learning
The New Brunswick 21st Century Learning video is only now making the rounds in the U.S. K-12 blogosphere. Silvia Tolisano, LangWitches, August 18, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

Unlearning Teaching
One of the hardest sifts for teachers working with new technology is the realization that they are no longer central to their students' learning. They have to, in effect, unlearn how to teach. "Rather than teachers delivering an information product to be ‘consumed' and fed back by the student, co-creating value would see the teacher and student mutually involved in assembling and dissembling cultural products. As co-creators, both would add value to the capacity building work being done through the invitation to ‘meddle' and to make errors." Will Richardson, Weblogg-ed, August 18, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

Should Event Web Sites Be The First To Be Outsourced?
Brian Kelly looks at the ways people are trying to reduce the cost of events - and comes up with event site outsourcing. "In addition to thinking of ways of reducing costs of accommodation and entertainment Nicole described how she has 'always been against event management companies'. Although Nicole is not in favour of outsourcing events management she has decided to outsource the IT infrastructure for the event: 'we will do all the event management in-house … using Google for booking forms, document management, presentation publication and event information'." Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, August 18, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

Just a sec…
Interesting question: "Think in terms of m-learning in 2010, Potential vs what is actually happening. What is happening RIGHT NOW as in, "I'm doing it" and not just 'planning on doing it' or 'hoping I'll be able to do it.'" Janet Clarey, spinning the social web, August 18, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

Radbox Saves Videos for Watching Later
This is pretty neat - do your searching through YouTube, save the videos, and sit back and watch them later, at your leisure. "Radbox works through a simple bookmarklet that you click whenever you're on a page with a video you want to save. The basic compatibility list reads 'YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, CollegeHumor, Hulu,, Megavideo, TED, etc.'" Kevin Purdy, Lifehacker, August 12, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

Critical Past
So how do you take public domain material and make it cost money to obtain? You create a site like this, lock everything in Flash, watermark all over everything, and make sure Google never turns up the original (public domain) resource. "Critical Past is a collection of more than 57,000 historical videos and more than 7 million historical photos. All of the photos and videos are royalty free, archival stock footage. Most of the footage comes from U.S. Government Agency sources." Unattributed, iLearn Technology, August 12, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

E-Learning y Stefen Downes
EducaRed interview with me, translated into Spanish. I talk about networks, learning technologies, and the classroom. " Pero no quiero darles un cuadro
de situación errónea de lo que está sucediendo porque no creo que el
aprendizaje on line sea o debiera ser íntegramente on line." Juan Domingo , Technologia Educativa, August 10, 2010 [Link] [Comment] [Tweet]

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