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by Stephen Downes
February 13, 2007

Who's Responsible for Online Culture?
The issue of the principal being harassed online via comments from his students in Facebook has been front page news here recently, because the students in question were suspended from school for cyberbullying. This is a bit of a departure, as principals are not usually thought of as victims of bullying (the power imbalance has historically made bullying the principal all but impossible). Joan Vinall-Cox puts the incident in much better perspective than most of the press coverage: "Why are we surprised at the behavior of some digital natives online, when we watch what happens on some/many TV news shows, in sections of most newspapers, and in popular celebrity magazines?" Joan Vinall-Cox, Weblog February 13, 2007 [Link] [Comment]

Game Over - Play Again?
"People learn just [fine] without us. And not only that, the web is making it possible for people to...GASP...learn from each other...WITHOUT us! Holy career crashers, Batman!" Tom Haskins, growing changing learning creating February 13, 2007 [Link] [Comment]

Audio Quality Does Matter
Your mileage will probably vary, but as this post notes, audio quality does matter. "Audio fidelity will attract attention to media. Audio fidelity will affect people's memory for audio information. People will evaluate better audio fidelity differently than poorer audio fidelity." Now I need to get myself one of those funky microphones. Clive Shepherd, Clive on Learning February 13, 2007 [Link] [Comment]


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