By Stephen Downes
November 17, 2004

International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
A short and early newsletter today, prepared using the free wireless access at Moncton airport as I wait for my flight to Vancouver. In this item, the latest International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning is out and leads with my essay, Learning Networks. Three other solid articles on communication and learning objects are also included. By Various Authors, November, 2004 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

This is likely to become an issue in the future. "An important article from Joshua Porter, Digital Web on how aggregators already change the content presentation (read the end of the article with graphs)." By Bertrand Pecquerie, Unmediated, November 16, 2004 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

The Rise of the Creative Class
Something to listen to on the airplane. "Richard Florida suggests that technology alone in this creative age is not going to make us safe. We need to bring in the kind of creative entrepreneurs who can make great ideas into sustainable business models. We also need aesthetic creativity and we need to pull in political and cultural creativity. Only then, Florida says, will we get real economic growth." By Richard Florida, IT Conversations, October 21, 2004 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

Rice University Webcasts
Pretty neat idea, and as the item says, another example of the power of RSS syndication. By Derek Morrison, Auricle, November 17, 2004 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

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