OLDaily ~ May 29, 2001 by Stephen Downes ----------------------------------------------------------- Don't get Funny about Politics Here Heh - a student who promised to give everybody a cookie if he was elected class president in his Pennsylvania high school was suspended from classes and punted from the election. By Jake Wagman, Philadelphia Enquirer, May 25, 2001. Submitted on May 29, 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------- Science World in Revolt at Power of the Journal Owners Coverage of an ongoing rebellion by scientists and researchers over attempts by journal publishers to lock decades of published research into subscription only electronic databases. By Mames Meek, The Guardian, May 26, 2001. Submitted on May 29, 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------- Browser Promising First Full-Screen, Full-Color Wireless Display Debuts Moving one step closer to the full impact wireless network access so long promised, Interactive Imaging Systems has launched iPac, first portable, handheld wireless device to feature a full-screen, full-color VGA display. By Jay Wrolstad, Wireless NewsFactor, May 29, 2001. Submitted on May 29, 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------- House Votes for New Testing to Hold Schools Accountable The push toward relatively independent testing continues as the U.S. government votes to require states to conduct annual math and reading tests for students in grades three to eight. Despite the headline of this article, which is a bit misleading, the purpose of independent testing is to allow a proliferation of learning institutions as each will be held accountable by testing results and not (necessarily) local or regional accreditation boards. By Lizette Alvarez, New York Times, May 24, 2001. Submitted on May 29, 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------- A Global Education Market? Global Businesses Building Local Markets The phrase "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally" is an apt description of the business strategy recommended in this white paper for companies wanting to expand into the global learning marketplace. The key is to identify local market fits or niches, to plan an entry strategy, and then to establish local partnerships. Good read; sound advice. Summary plus a link to a PDF document. By Peter Stokes, Eduventures, White paper released at World Education Market, Vancouver, May, 2001. Submitted on May 29, 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------- UW to Offer Free Online Courses The cost of online learning takes another dip downward as the University of Washington offers a number of abbreviated, non-credit courses for free. The offering is, of course, a way to allow people to sample the course materials and perhaps sign up for the full priced version. So don't be hyped out by the headline - it's just another marketing tactic, albeit, a good one. By Ray Rivera, Seattle Times, May 28, 2001 Submitted on May 29, 2001 =========================================================== About This NewsLetter OLDaily Archives ----------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2001 ~ Stephen Downes