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10 Reasons for Optimism About Ed Tech in 2018, Matthew Rascoff, Learning Innovation, Jan 03, 2018

This article combines some much-needed optimism about educational technology (which has been in short supply lately) with some useful links. There's the HAIL Storm Network, Tsugi and NGDLE, Authorea (built on top of GitHub), and closer to the author's home at Duke, the OSPRI Lab's open source education technology project.  [Direct Link]

The NGDLE's Relevance to Community and Technical Colleges, Paul Czarapata, Lisa Jones, EDUCAUSE Review, Jul 28, 2017

More on the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative report on the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). The argument is that, rather than serving simply as a content repository like the LMS, the NGDLE "focuses on personalization, tool integration, and content exchange, thereby serving as a launch pad for new learning experiences." What's key to NGDLE is interoperability. In the traditional LMS, "Although some existing integrations are standards-based and ... [Direct Link]

Interventions, Brian Lamb, Abject, Jul 18, 2017

Jim Groom and Brian Lamb are working on a position paper challenging traditional models of higher education. This is Lamb's contribution, also in the context of the white paper on NGDLE. "Describing the emerging needs as “interoperability; personalization; analytics, advising, and learning assessment; collaboration; and accessibility and universal design”, the white paper promotes “a “Lego” approach to realizing the NGDLE, where NGDLE-... [Direct Link]

The LMS is dead, not unlike God: thoughts on the NGDLE, Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, Jul 18, 2017

Jim Groom and Brian Lamb are working on a position paper challenging traditional models of higher education. This is Groom's contribution, which he sets out in the context of the EDUCAUSE Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE), which he notes, was the subject of  an entire issue of EDUCAUSE Review. He says it "could be one way to imagine the power of what Kin Lane defines as the Personal API." Beyond the LMS (which we're all tired of ... [Direct Link]

Niggles about NGDLEs - lessons from ELF, Jon Dron, Athabasca Landing, Jun 29, 2015

Jon Dron gets it right in his response to Malcolm Brown's defense of the concept of the NGDLE. "It has been done before," he writes, "over ten years ago in the form of ELF, in much more depth and detail and with large government and standards bodies supporting it, and it is important to learn the lessons of what was ultimately a failed initiative. Well - maybe not failed, but certainly severely stalled." You read the history of that here on OLDaily, first as the E-Learning Framework, and ... [Direct Link]

Expectations for the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment, Malcolm Brown, Next Generation Learning Challenges, Jun 25, 2015

ELI's Malcolm Brown responds to comments from Tony Bates and Jon Dron about the recent article on the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). Mostly, he defends the standards-based approach and Lego metaphor. "We’re thinking about the technical and other standards needed to enable the NGDLE components to snap together. We are imagining a time when instead of adopting a platform, you have the opportunity to assemble your platform/environment, at least in ... [Direct Link]

The EDUCAUSE NGDLE and an API of One’s Own, Michael Feldstein, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Jun 24, 2015

Michael Feldstein addresses "the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI’s) paper on a Next-Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) (OLDaily) and Tony Bates’ thoughtful response to it." He also mixes in copious reference to Jim Groom and the Domain of One's Own project, because it's consistent with the ELI paper. There are three major arguments from Bates that he weighs in on (the wording is Feldstein's, lightly edited by me): potentially ... [Direct Link]

The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment, Malcolm Brown, Joanne Dehoney, Nancy Millichap, EDUCAUSE, May 14, 2015

This article describes the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (referred to with the ungainly acronym NGDLE). It takes as its starting point the observation that while the LMS (Learning Management System) succeeded at managing learning, it was less successful as a means of supporting learning. The NGDLE will therefore be more focused toward the individual learner and to alternative pedagogical models. "To be fully realized it must address five domains of core functionality: ... [Direct Link]

Where Does the LMS Go From Here?, Carl Straumsheim, Ignatia Webs, Sept 23, 2014

According to this item, EDUCAUSE has laiunched a new Gates-funded initiative, to examine why institutions cling to old learning technology (aka the LMS) and what to do about it. The report notes "the importance of personalization, which ranked highly among students. More than two-thirds of students, or 69 percent, said they would be interested in a feature that support them in reaching their personal educational goals." Related: Matt Crosslin, The LMS is a Wild-West Conglomeration in a Box. [Direct Link]