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The battle for open-access information, Martin McKenzie-Murray, The Saturday Paper, Jul 11, 2015

I've been an AAAARG member for a long time, though in recent years it has become less useful (as people have been sharing citations, but not actual papers). AAAARG has survived legal cases, public opposition, and more, and I imagine it will survive this article, which wile it sounds sypathetic, ultimately insists that the site is doing something wrong, trotting out the old and well-worn argument to do so: “To state the obvious, most anti-copyright activists have never had to ... [Direct Link] Taken Down, John Connell, Weblog, Jun 21, 2010

So the battle over online publications begins. There is certainly an irony in a large corporate publisher issuing a takedown order against a website posting a Marxist text. John Connell writes of "the shameful campaign against one of the Web's greatest ever resources, (along with further discussion later on the same blog)" from the Mitochondrial Vertigo blog. I've been following aaaarg for a while now - it's right up my alley, specializing in radical, socialist and ... [Direct Link]

How to produce, publish and distribute a journal these days, Leigh Blackall, Weblog, Jan 13, 2010

I think off and on about publishing a journal. I would do it this way: submissions would be accepted only if they had already appeared online and received widespread recognition. The articles could be submitted, nominated, or simply found by the editors. On acceptance, the article would be cleaned up, if necessary, and added to what amounts to a library of canonical publications. Regular 'bound' versions would be distributed to people outside the field. The idea of the journal is not ... [Direct Link]

Critical Readings, Doug Noon, Borderland, Jan 07, 2010

Doug Noon writes about The Public School, which is "a school with no curriculum." He adds, "Someone proposes a class, and when enough interest builds, a teacher is found to teach whoever signed up." Supporting the school is a great online library, "AAAARG is a conversation platform - at different times it performs as a school, or a reading group, or a journal." In the library, Noon fiends a work by Freire, The Act of Study. Noon writes, "Freire recommended that we become "subjects ... [Direct Link]

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