What Do You Want The Internet To Be?

Michael Geist, Mar 07, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From Michael Geist today: "The Minister of Industry, together with Liza Frulla, his Canadian Heritage counterpart, are also reportedly about to finalize new rules that may reshape the availability of Internet content to educational institutions. Acting on the recommendation of a parliamentary committee that was chaired by Toronto MP Sarmite Bulte, the government may soon unveil a new 'extended license' that would require schools to pay millions of dollars for content that is currently freely available on the Internet."


There's a lot more; if you are in Canada make sure you read this report. "There are some who see a very differing Internet. Theirs is an Internet with ubiquitous surveillance featuring real-time capabilities to monitor online activities. It is an Internet that views third party applications such as Vonage’s Voice-over-IP service as parasitic. It is an Internet in which virtually all content should come at a price, even when that content has been made freely available. It is an Internet that would seek to cut off subscriber access based on mere allegations of wrongdoing, without due process or oversight from a judge or jury."


I'm on my way to Sicily to talk about learning networks. There will be no newsletter tomorrow. See you Wednesday, access permitting.

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