LearnHub Integrates CC Licensing
Apr 28, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

LearnHub is a "new online social learning network" that decided "to go Creative Commons" this week. That's one way to advertise - embrace Creative Commons and then convince someone with the Creative Commons initiative to blog about it. "LearnHub is a network of communities, each one built around a specific subject (ex. Algebra, History, Software Development). Search to find a community that fits your interest." Not sure what the commitment to Creative Commons is - "LearnHub is free to use. However, teachers may charge a fee for certain courses and for tutoring." Anyhow, it's an interesting effort, with some community features worth noting, such as the 'authorities' section. Total: 381
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Re: LearnHub Integrates CC Licensing

Hi Stephen,

I'm one of the creators of LearnHub.

Did you see that Creative Commons has a 6 month old (or so) initiative called ccLearn? Its mandate is to promote the use of CC licenses in education. Their goal to increase legal access and remixing of curriculum aligned very well with our feature roadmap for LearnHub.

I hope you have a chance to check out our license selector. We've made CC a prominent feature in our authoring tools.

ccLearn, by the way, announced a $1.5M investment from the Hewlett Packard foundation a couple of weeks ago. I think it has a very bright future!

John Philip Green | LearnHub.com [Comment] [Permalink]

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