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Clarifying Competency Based Education Terms
Learning Industry Leaders Agree to Be Initial Investors in Testing Platform for Open Standards-Based Digital Learning Materials
A Common Evolution for IMS Simple Sequencing?
IMS Simple Sequencing Specification
IMS Digital Repositories Specification
Specifications for Accessible Learning Technologies
Vocabulary Definition Exchange
BSI and IMS will Collaborate to Deliver Online Learning Standard
Interoperability between Information and Learning EnvironmentsCRLF– Bridging the Gaps
Submit and View Problem Reports
Shareable State Persistence
MIT O.K.I. and IMS/GLC Collaborate to Evolve Open Service Interface Definitions
IMS ePortfolio Specification
Dynamic Instructional Content Exchange
IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Pilot Project Exploring Creative Commons Licensing of Interoperability Specifications
Common Cartridge Frequently Asked Questions
Simple Learning Design 2.0
2009 IMS Annual Report
IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Public Final Status of Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Standard
IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Public Review and Conformance Certification Alliance for Learning Information Services Standards
Partnership to Enhance the Discovery of Educational Resources Using the Semantic Web
IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces "Write Once – Run Anywhere" is Readily Achievable
IMS Common Cartridge Test System
MS Global Learning Consortium Releases Initial Public Draft of Learning Tools Interoperability 2 ( 13/11/2012 )

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