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Too Many Universities? Too Many Graduates? Too Much Debt?
Individualized Instruction Vs. Personalized Learning

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Wendy Freedman: This new telescope might show us the beginning of the universe
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Radio #EDUtalk 09-09-2015 Doug Belshaw
TED: Pia Mancini: How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era - Pia Mancini (2014)
TED: Meaghan Ramsey: Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you - Meaghan Ramsey (2014)
TED: Susan Colantuono: The career advice you probably didn’t get - Susan Colantuono (2013)
TED: Francis de los Reyes: Sanitation is a basic human right - Francis de los Reyes (2013)
TED: Fred Swaniker: The leaders who ruined Africa, and the generation who can fix it - Fred Swaniker (2014)
TED: Kitra Cahana: My father, locked in his body but soaring free - Kitra Cahana (2014)
TED: Melissa Fleming: Let’s help refugees thrive, not just survive - Melissa Fleming (2014)
TED: Dilip Ratha: The hidden force in global economics: sending money home - Dilip Ratha (2014)
TED: Will Marshall: Tiny satellites show us the Earth as it changes in near-real-time - Will Marshall (2014)
TED: Haas&Hahn: How painting can transform communities - Haas&Hahn (2014)
TED: Alejandro Aravena: My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process - Alejandro Aravena (2014)
TED: Jeremy Heimans: What new power looks like - Jeremy Heimans (2014)
TED: David Grady: How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings - David Grady (2013)
TED: Michael Green: What the Social Progress Index can reveal about your country - Michael Green (2014)
TED: Ameenah Gurib-Fakim: Humble plants that hide surprising secrets - Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (2014)
TED: Colin Grant: How our stories cross over - Colin Grant (2012)
TED: Janet Iwasa: How animations can help scientists test a hypothesis - Janet Iwasa (2014)
TED: Dave Troy: Social maps that reveal a city's intersections — and separations - Dave Troy (2014)
TED: Catherine Crump: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track about you - Catherine Crump (2014)
TED: Thomas Hellum: The world's most boring television ... and why it's hilariously addictive - Thomas Hellum (2014)
TED: Emily Balcetis: Why some people find exercise harder than others - Emily Balcetis (2014)
TED: Mark Plotkin: What the people of the Amazon know that you don’t - Mark Plotkin (2014)
TED: Daniele Quercia: Happy maps - Daniele Quercia (2014)
TED: Michael Rubinstein: See invisible motion, hear silent sounds - Michael Rubinstein (2014)
TED: Erin McKean: Go ahead, make up new words! - Erin McKean (2014)
TED: Mundano: Pimp my ... trash cart? - Mundano (2014)
TED: Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve - Carol Dweck (2014)
TED: Jeremy Howard: The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn - Jeremy Howard (2014)
TED: Vernā Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them - Vernā Myers (2014)
TED: Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Fighters and mourners of the Ukrainian revolution - Anastasia Taylor-Lind (2014)
TED: Oren Yakobovich: Hidden cameras that film injustice in the world’s most dangerous places - Oren Yakobovich (2014)
TED: Nancy Frates: Meet the mom who started the Ice Bucket Challenge - Nancy Frates (2014)
TED: Kimberley Motley: How I defend the rule of law - Kimberley Motley (2014)
TED: Fabien Cousteau: What I learned from spending 31 days underwater - Fabien Cousteau (2014)
TED: Meera Vijayann: Find your voice against gender violence - Meera Vijayann (2014)
TED: Bassam Tariq: The beauty and diversity of Muslim life - Bassam Tariq (2014)
TED: Joe Madiath: Better toilets, better life - Joe Madiath (2014)
TED: Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice - Sarah Bergbreiter (2014)
TED: Robert Muggah: How to protect fast-growing cities from failing - Robert Muggah (2014)
TED: Robert Swan: Let's save the last pristine continent - Robert Swan (2014)
TED: Navi Radjou: Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits - Navi Radjou (2014)
TED: Tasso Azevedo: Hopeful lessons from the battle to save rainforests - Tasso Azevedo (2014)
TED: Aziz Abu Sarah: For more tolerance, we need more ... tourism? - Aziz Abu Sarah (2014)
TED: Asha de Vos: Why you should care about whale poo - Asha de Vos (2014)
TED: Bruno Torturra: Got a smartphone? Start broadcasting - Bruno Torturra (2014)
TED: Jose Miguel Sokoloff: How Christmas lights helped guerrillas put down their guns - Jose Miguel Sokoloff (2014)
TED: Joe Landolina: This gel can make you stop bleeding instantly - Joe Landolina (2014)
TED: Vincent Moon and Naná Vasconcelos: Hidden music rituals around the world - Vincent Moon (2014)
TED: Ethan Nadelmann: Why we need to end the War on Drugs - Ethan Nadelmann (2014)
TED: Sergei Lupashin: A flying camera ... on a leash - Sergei Lupashin (2014)
TED: Joy Sun: Should you donate differently? - Joy Sun (2014)
TED: Jorge Soto: The future of early cancer detection? - Jorge Soto (2014)
TED: Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters - Glenn Greenwald (2014)
TED: Gail Reed: Where to train the world's doctors? Cuba. - Gail Reed (2014)
TED: Matthew O'Reilly: “Am I dying?” The honest answer. - Matthew O'Reilly (2014)
Hannah Fry: The mathematics of love
Kenneth Shinozuka: My simple invention, designed to keep my grandfather safe
Jaap de Roode: How butterflies self-medicate
Brian Dettmer: Old books reborn as art
Tom Wujec: Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast
Ben Ambridge: 10 myths about psychology, debunked
Bruce Aylward: Humanity vs. Ebola. How we could win a terrifying war
Zeynep Tufekci: Online social change: easy to organize, hard to win
Morgana Bailey: The danger of hiding who you are
Matthieu Ricard: How to let altruism be your guide
Fredy Peccerelli: A forensic anthropologist who brings closure for the "disappeared"
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz: What veterinarians know that physicians don't
Pico Iyer: The art of stillness
Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself
Leana Wen: What your doctor won’t disclose
Kare Anderson: Be an opportunity maker
Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn't define me
Marc Abrahams: A science award that makes you laugh, then think
Myriam Sidibe: The simple power of hand-washing
Jeff Iliff: One more reason to get a good night’s sleep
Daria van den Bercken: Why I take the piano on the road … and in the air
Nancy Kanwisher: A neural portrait of the human mind
Eman Mohammed: The courage to tell a hidden story
Kenneth Cukier: Big data is better data
Khalida Brohi: How I work to protect women from honor killings
James A. White Sr.: The little problem I had renting a house
Angelo Vermeulen: How to go to space, without having to go to space
Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime
Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid
Ricardo Semler: How to run a company with (almost) no rules
Severine Autesserre: To solve mass violence, look to locals
Ramanan Laxminarayan: The coming crisis in antibiotics
Susan Etlinger: What do we do with all this big data?
Ilona Szabó de Carvalho: 4 lessons I learned from taking a stand against drugs and gun violence
Linda Hill: How to manage for collective creativity
Ismael Nazario: What I learned as a kid in jail
Marc Kushner: Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by ... you
Andy Yen: Think your email's private? Think again
Harry Baker: A love poem for lonely prime numbers
Topher White: What can save the rainforest? Your used cell phone
Helder Guimarães: A magical search for a coincidence
Ben Wellington: How we found the worst place to park in New York City -- using big data
Khadija Gbla: My mother’s strange definition of empowerment
Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams
Boniface Mwangi: The day I stood up alone
Alison Killing: There’s a better way to die, and architecture can help
Anand Giridharadas: A tale of two Americas. And the mini-mart where they collided
Dame Stephanie Shirley: Why do ambitious women have flat heads?
Theaster Gates: How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty and art
Fei-Fei Li: How we're teaching computers to understand pictures
Robyn Stein DeLuca: The good news about PMS
Vincent Cochetel: I was held hostage for 317 days. Here's what I thought about…
Sangu Delle: In praise of macro -- yes, macro -- finance in Africa
Chris Milk: How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine
Takaharu Tezuka: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen
Barat Ali Batoor: My desperate journey with a human smuggler
Fred Jansen: How to land on a comet
Dan Ariely: How equal do we want the world to be? You'd be surprised
Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready
Kevin Rudd: Are China and the US doomed to conflict?
Daniel Kish: How I use sonar to navigate the world
Pamela Ronald: The case for engineering our food
Sophie Scott: Why we laugh
Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?
Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America
Jedidah Isler: How I fell in love with quasars, blazars and our incredible universe
Gary Haugen: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now
Nathalie Cabrol: How Mars might hold the secret to the origin of life
Paul Tudor Jones II: Why we need to rethink capitalism
Kailash Satyarthi: How to make peace? Get angry
The Lady Lifers: A moving song from women in prison for life
Elora Hardy: Magical houses, made of bamboo
Anand Varma: A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life
Tal Danino: Programming bacteria to detect cancer (and maybe treat it)
Abe Davis: New video technology that reveals an object's hidden properties
Greg Gage: How to control someone else's arm with your brain
Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame
Joseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster?
Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are
Sara Seager: The search for planets beyond our solar system
Jeffrey Brown: How we cut youth violence in Boston by 79 percent
Chris Burkard: The joy of surfing in ice-cold water
Esther Perel: Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved
Steven Wise: Chimps have feelings and thoughts. They should also have rights
Cosmin Mihaiu: Physical therapy is boring -- play a game instead
Martine Rothblatt: My daughter, my wife, our robot, and the quest for immortality
Roman Mars: Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed
Dawn Landes: A song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane
Suki Kim: This is what it's like to teach in North Korea
Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed
Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists
Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is ... noticing
Laura Schulz: The surprisingly logical minds of babies
Jimmy Nelson: Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people
Latif Nasser: The amazing story of the man who gave us modern pain relief
Chip Kidd: The art of first impressions -- in design and life
Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist
LaToya Ruby Frazier: A visual history of inequality in industrial America
Margaret Heffernan: Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work
Rana el Kaliouby: This app knows how you feel -- from the look on your face
Lee Mokobe: A powerful poem about what it feels like to be transgender
Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is?
Sarah Jones: One woman, five characters, and a sex lesson from the future
Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard
Yassmin Abdel-Magied: What does my headscarf mean to you?
Nizar Ibrahim: How we unearthed the Spinosaurus
Steve Silberman: The forgotten history of autism
Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion
Memory Banda: A warrior’s cry against child marriage
Rajiv Maheswaran: The math behind basketball's wildest moves
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Meet the women fighting on the front lines of an American war
Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse
Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees the road
Maryn McKenna: What do we do when antibiotics don’t work any more?
Joey Alexander: An 11-year-old prodigy performs old-school jazz
eL Seed: Street art with a message of hope and peace
John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online
Jon Ronson: When online shaming spirals out of control
Marlene Zuk: What we learn from insects’ kinky sex lives
Salvatore Iaconesi: What happened when I open-sourced my brain cancer
Alec Soth + Stacey Baker: This is what enduring love looks like
Noy Thrupkaew: Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works
Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong
Manuel Lima: A visual history of human knowledge
Alix Generous: How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger's
Patience Mthunzi: Could we cure HIV with lasers?
Matt Kenyon: A secret memorial for civilian casualties
Elizabeth Nyamayaro: An invitation to men who want a better world for women
Alan Eustace: I leapt from the stratosphere. Here's how I did it
Wendy Freedman: This new telescope might show us the beginning of the universe
Seth Berkley: The troubling reason why vaccines are made too late ... if they’re made at all
Mia Birdsong: The story we tell about poverty isn't true
David Rothkopf: How fear drives American politics
Billie Jean King: This tennis icon paved the way for women in sports
BJ Miller: What really matters at the end of life
Barry Schwartz: The way we think about work is broken
Jamie Bartlett: How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream
Yves Morieux: How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done
Robin Murphy: These robots come to the rescue after a disaster
Jim Al-Khalili: How quantum biology might explain life’s biggest questions
Dustin Yellin: A journey through the mind of an artist
Christopher Soghoian: How to avoid surveillance ... with the phone in your pocket
Tony Wyss-Coray: How young blood might help reverse aging. Yes, really
Rich Benjamin: My road trip through the whitest towns in America
Ash Beckham: When to take a stand -- and when to let it go
Martin Pistorius: How my mind came back to life — and no one knew
Mac Stone: Stunning photos of the endangered Everglades
Taiye Selasi: Don't ask where I'm from, ask where I'm a local
Robin Morgan: 4 powerful poems about Parkinson's and growing older
Frances Larson: Why public beheadings get millions of views
Sakena Yacoobi: How I stopped the Taliban from shutting down my school
Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love
Michael Kimmel: Why gender equality is good for everyone — men included
Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women
Neri Oxman: Design at the intersection of technology and biology
Siddhartha Mukherjee: Soon we'll cure diseases with a cell, not a pill
Alice Bows-Larkin: Climate change is happening. Here's how we adapt
A boat carrying 500 refugees sunk at sea. The story of two survivors | Melissa Fleming
How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed | Daniel Levitin
Deep under the Earth's surface, discovering beauty and science | Francesco Sauro
An Internet without screens might look like this | Tom Uglow
The secret US prisons you've never heard of before | Will Potter
Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women | Alyson McGregor
Home is a song I've always remembered | Teitur
You can grow new brain cells. Here's how | Sandrine Thuret
Alzheimer's is not normal aging — and we can cure it | Samuel Cohen
Why climate change is a threat to human rights | Mary Robinson
How I'm working for change inside my church | Chelsea Shields
The moral bias behind your search results | Andreas Ekström
This is what LGBT life is like around the world | Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols
A musical escape into a world of light and color | Kaki King
The coolest animal you know nothing about ... and how we can save it | Patrícia Medici
Art that lets you talk back to NSA spies | Mathias Jud
The enchanting music of sign language | Christine Sun Kim
How I teach kids to love science | Cesar Harada
We can now edit our DNA. But let's do it wisely | Jennifer Doudna
Two nameless bodies washed up on the beach. Here are their stories | Anders Fjellberg
Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume | Regina Hartley
Why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe? | Genevieve von Petzinger
What are animals thinking and feeling? | Carl Safina
My country will be underwater soon -- unless we work together | Anote Tong
The future of news? Virtual reality | Nonny de la Peña
A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons
Let's not use Mars as a backup planet | Lucianne Walkowicz
The four fish we're overeating -- and what to eat instead | Paul Greenberg
How new technology helps blind people explore the world | Chieko Asakawa
The US needs paid family leave -- for the sake of its future | Jessica Shortall
My year reading a book from every country in the world | Ann Morgan
The secret sneaker market -- and why it matters | Josh Luber
Have we reached the end of physics? | Harry Cliff
An underwater art museum, teeming with life | Jason deCaires Taylor
Refugees have the right to be protected | António Guterres
What happens when a city runs out of room for its dead | Alison Killing
A beatboxing lesson from a father-daughter duo | Nicole Paris and Ed Cage
How germs travel on planes -- and how we can stop them | Raymond Wang
Forget shopping. Soon you'll download your new clothes | Danit Peleg
An art made of trust, vulnerability and connection | Marina Abramović
Why Great Architecture Should Tell A Story | Ole Scheeren
How Messy Problems Can Inspire Creativity | Tim Harford
How We'Ll Find Life On Other Planets | Aomawa Shields
How To Use Data To Make A Hit Tv Show | Sebastian Wernicke
A Hilarious Celebration Of Lifelong Female Friendship | Jane Fonda / Lily Tomlin
The Untapped Genius That Could Change Science For The Better | Jedidah Isler
How I Turned A Deadly Plant Into A Thriving Business | Achenyo Idachaba
Glow-In-The-Dark Sharks And Other Stunning Sea Creatures | David Gruber
Capitalism Will Eat Democracy -- Unless We Speak Up | Yanis Varoufakis
How We Can Make Crops Survive Without Water | Jill Farrant
The Mysterious World Of Underwater Caves | Jill Heinerth
Let'S Design Social Media That Drives Real Change | Wael Ghonim
4 Ways We Can Avoid A Catastrophic Drought | David Sedlak
What Makes A Good Life? Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness | Robert Waldinger
The Brain May Be Able To Repair Itself -- With Help | Jocelyne Bloch
The Case For Fish Farming | Mike Velings
Economic Growth Has Stalled. Let'S Fix It | Dambisa Moyo
Special Olympics Let Me Be Myself -- A Champion | Matthew Williams
How We'Ll Fight The Next Deadly Virus | Pardis Sabeti
A Delightful Way To Teach Kids About Computers | Linda Liukas
Our Campaign To Ban Plastic Bags In Bali | Melati And Isabel Wijsen
A Robot That Runs And Swims Like A Salamander | Auke Ijspeert
Should You Be Able To Patent A Human Gene? | Tania Simoncelli
The Unheard Story Of The Sistine Chapel | Elizabeth Lev
I Love Being A Police Officer, But We Need Reform | Melvin Russell
Governments Don'T Understand Cyber Warfare. We Need Hackers | Rodrigo Bijou
The Secrets I Find On The Mysterious Ocean Floor | Laura Robinson
This Computer Will Grow Your Food In The Future | Caleb Harper
How Yarn Bombing Grew Into A Worldwide Movement | Magda Sayeg
Why Your Doctor Should Care About Social Justice | Mary Bassett
How To Make A Profit While Making A Difference | Audrey Choi
The Case For Optimism On Climate Change | Al Gore
What The Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Means | Allan Adams
My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything | Shonda Rhimes
The Problem With Race-Based Medicine | Dorothy Roberts
You Have No Idea Where Camels Really Come From | Latif Nasser
A Prosecutor'S Vision For A Better Justice System | Adam Foss
How Airbnb Designs For Trust | Joe Gebbia
This Country Isn'T Just Carbon Neutral -- It'S Carbon Negative | Tshering Tobgay
Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection | Reshma Saujani
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What Do You Think When You Look At Me? | Dalia Mogahed
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A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit | Judson Brewer
This Is What Happens When You Reply To Spam Email | James Veitch
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The Surprising Habits Of Original Thinkers | Adam Grant
We Can Reprogram Life. How To Do It Wisely | Juan Enriquez
The Unexpected Benefit Of Celebrating Failure | Astro Teller
A New Superweapon In The Fight Against Cancer | Paula Hammond
The Mind Behind Linux | Linus Torvalds
The Most Mysterious Star In The Universe | Tabetha Boyajian
The Magic Ingredient That Brings Pixar Movies To Life | Danielle Feinberg
How Humans Could Evolve To Survive In Space | Lisa Nip
Why Gun Violence Can'T Be Our New Normal | Dan Gross
The Beauty Of Human Skin In Every Color | Angélica Dass
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How Young Africans Found A Voice On Twitter | Siyanda Mohutsiwa
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How My Son'S Short Life Made A Lasting Difference | Sarah Gray
How To Read The Genome And Build A Human Being | Riccardo Sabatini
A Provocative Way To Finance The Fight Against Climate Change | Michael Metcalfe
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A Smart Loan For People With No Credit History (Yet) | Shivani Siroya
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My Journey From Marine To Actor | Adam Driver / Jesse Perez / Matt Johnson
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Your Words May Predict Your Future Mental Health | Mariano Sigman
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