Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of Libraries

Charles Bourg, Bruce Tidor, Mit, Nov 02, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't write about libraries a lot because I'm not enthused by stacks of dusty paper. But of course libraries are evolving (slowly) with the digital age, as this report (28 page PDF) attests. I think what we'll see over time is a convergence of the library's traditional role with that of housing and disseminating academic resources, ultimately replacing publishers. Hence we read recommendation 4, "the MIT Libraries should be a trusted vehicle for disseminating MIT research to the world." And recommendation 6: "the Libraries should generate open, interoperable content platforms that explore new ways of producing, using, sharing, and preserving knowledge and that promote revolutionary new methodologies for the discovery and organization of information, people, ideas, and networks." Via Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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