Wondering if Life Would be Easier With an OU – or FutureLearn – Compute Stick…?

Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, Jan 31, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is such a terrible model I fear that it will actually be implemented. Not that it doesn't have its attractive features. But imagine this: "At the start of their degree, students would get the compute stick...The compute stick would have enough computational power to run the applications, which could be accessed over wifi via a browser on a 'real' computer, or a netbook (which has a keyboard), or a tablet computer, or even a mobile device. The compute stick would essentially be a completely OU managed environment, bootable, and with it’s own compute power." Why bad? This, ultimately, is the imagined future of the book - completely self-contained little computers. You could access them and use them, but they're little tiny silos, resisting use by or integration with anything else you use. And forget about sharing them.

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