Five Reasons the Conversations Have Moved from Twitter to Voxer

John Spencer, Dec 24, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't know whether Voxer will replace existing social networks, but John Spencer's five reasons were enough to convince me to pay the $2.99 a month (quoted from his post):

  • The lack of badges, and metrics "likes" or "favorites" means we aren't playing Relational Fantasy Football. There are no rockstars.
  • We don't have to put on a public persona.  On Twitter, it often feels less about talking with one another and more about talking to the public.
  • While Twitter feels like this massive, loud meet-and-greet, Voxer feels like a hangout.
  • The multimedia element allows it to still be asynchronous (similar to Twitter or Facebook) while still feeling like the person is physically there.
  • Sometimes someone has a longer thought that deserves a little extra time.

My user name on Voxer? Downes.

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