MIght There Finally Be Karma for Comment Spammers and SEO Game Players?

Alan Levine, Jan 10, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some of the images in this post are over the top, but I share Alan Levine's experiences with spammers (every day I delete comments designed only to pollute my pages with SEO) and I share his sentiments. I'm also pleased he reads the Awl (a lot of content, but just off the mainstream enough to be interetsing) which reports that the golden age of SEO may be over. "In early 2011, Google issued an update to its search algorithm—they called it “Panda”—that elevated social media and news sites. Sites both big and small, usually spammy and sometimes not, saw major decline in their Google traffic." My ahref results are similar to Levine's,

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