How to Pitch a Blogger

David Meerman Scott, Jul 03, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I deliberately cultivate multiple sources of information in order to stay current and have a deep understanding of our field, which means I get a lot of what might be called 'pitches' from people. I don't really encourage this, but it's OK. I reject all requests to place guest articles or infographics; I'm not interested in guest content, partially because I want to preserve the identity of the place, and mostly because most such content is paid placement designed to get some URL or another into my site. If I recognize one of those URLs (you know who you are) I won't link to the item at all; I am the anti-SEO.

So what else? This article has some good advice. I'm not big on product pitches (send them to Jeff Dunn, Jane Hart or Richard Byrne), event announcements, calls for papers or impersonal email (if you can't learn my name or the address of my home page, don't email me). If I can't link to it I won't post it, if the link requires a login or subscription I won't post it, and if the site is an obvious come-on for some commercial product I won't post it. I do not honour embargoes; don't even ask. I rarely (pretty much never) link to posts with casual profanity and other offensive language in the title or text (if you're not sure whether the language will offend, it probably does).

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