G8 Science Ministers Statement London UK, 12 June 2013

Jun 14, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I echo and support (enthusiastically) the G8 science ministers' committment to open scientific research: "To the greatest extent and with the fewest constraints possible publicly funded scientific research data should be open, while at the same time respecting concerns in relation to privacy, safety, security and commercial interests, whilst acknowledging the legitimate concerns of private partners. Open scientific research data should be easily discoverable, accessible, assessable, intelligible, useable, and wherever possible interoperable to specific quality standards." There's also language on peer-reviewed research papers. These things take their time to become policy, of course, but I am hopeful my work will be impacted by this statement. There's also a short THE article. Related, from a JISC discussion: Where are university websites hiding all their research?


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