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Den Groom, Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week, Jan 29, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Dean Groom shared the following message with TALO: "A video I've made (short) about a project I'm working on via Should start 2014 in public. Right now working on an 'app' for want of better term, which is about peer-feedback using game-like methods. The actual IE programme is already in play, I'm trying to create a technological-connection between students and teachers to provide a feedback loop anonymously. Think Suga Mitra meets 4 Square. Anyone into this sort of stuff?" Even if you don't have time to watch videos (I rarely have time, though Groom's 40-second video wasn't too much for me) do check out the Imaginative Education Research Group website s it contains much more than just a few videos. "This website introduces new theories, principles, and practical techniques for making education more effective. Because engaging students' imaginations in learning, and teachers' imaginations in teaching, is crucial to making knowledge in the curriculum vivid and meaningful, we call this new approach Imaginative Education (IE)."

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