MITx Opens for Enrollment (and Certification - For Now - Is Free)
Feb 13, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So the doors are open at MITx and we can see the business model on the wall - for this pilot version certification will be free, but we all know that this won't last. "According to the course website, the class will demand approximately 10 hours a week from those enrolled. There will be video lectures and demonstrations, homework exercises and an "online interactive lab specifically designed to replicate its real-world counterpart." All of the assignments and exams will be graded by "robots," or rather artificial intelligence software." Total: 200
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Re: MITx Opens for Enrollment (and Certification - For Now - Is Free)

I say this is revolution.

MITx can reach to 7 billion people of the world. Free.
Assessment for a small fee.

MIT has the most valuable knowledge in the world .
MIT is sharing its treasure with the world now .
A small fee for assessment can make the project sustainable .
If a fee is only $ 10 per course and 100,000,000 courses are taken per year annual income is $ 1 billion . Not bad .
MIT is expected to announced its programs and certificates foer the programs as well in the near future .
Be careful. Technology made possible to reach to 7 billion .
Automatic grading is a revolution too.
Now we need automatic identifacation of the students.
I am sure MIT has that technology too .
So I suggest " do not go just a college for the sake of going college, go MIT " [Comment] [Permalink]

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