Re: TEDxLondon: The Problem Finders at The Education Revolution

Thanks for the link to Wesch's words. I'm glad there are plenty of people getting impassioned about what I think is a simple change every teacher can make to turn learning into something more relevant and engaging for our youngsters, and more useful for the planet they're heading into as young adults.

I wasn't so much crowing about the lack of tickets (there is, after all, the webcasts) as hoping that my friends in London reading the blog might grab one while they can, and join me for a beer afterwards.

And I *do* think that the other speakers there are particularly interesting and amazing, having worked with some. *I* put forward my idea for a talk and haven't had it changed at all. There is no sponsor approving or inspiring it. It is inspired by the educators with whom I work daily, the children I teach through my work, and seeing the significant impact small changes in practice can lead to. And for many not living in Downes' bubble what I'm proposing is new to their ears - they do not subscribe to IDC, they find most research on the matter impenetrable, and the reverse snobbery of the archetypal edupunk a total turnoff from what are vital changes to be making.

This is but one vehicle for a change I (and, I think, you) feel is worthwhile, and I spend every day doing my best through other vehicles, too. I thought you were about freeing and free learning? TED is one of your best allies in this, whether you like their personality or not, don't you think? [Comment] [Permalink]