What Hardware Do I Need for a Personal Media Server?

Unattributed, LifeHacker, Feb 10, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Why would you want your own streaming media server? Well, as you use more computers (your mobile phone, your television, your desktop, your pad, etc.) it becomes more and more inconvenient to manage your media lbrary (as an example, I spent an hour last night transferring my digital music to a portable USB drive so my music is available on my computer at work - my iPod, of course, simply refused to transfer the music). With a streaming meida server, I keep my media in one place, and access it from any of my devices. While it's still ahead of most people, this article talks about what you need in order to set up your own personal media server. Not too much, as it turns out. Or, you could buy one preconfigured. Eventually, everyone will have their own personal media server, which in time will also become their own personal web server.
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