Re: Things You Really Need to Learn

Stephen, This is a fantastic article and something well worth circulating and discussing.

I'd raise the question of whether this list is really best aimed at teachers. You talk about how teachers are supposed to be covering these points but realistically, I'm not sure how the average algebra or chemistry or even fifth grade teacher is suppose to get on top of this list. I think they would find this mandate somewhat baffling and in light of their explicit mandate to ensure good test scores, a real challenge for them to deal with competently and keep their job.

I think this list is best aimed at parents and at students. Parents are the principals of their children's education. They're the ones who decide what type of education their children will have. In the US, 3-4% opt to homeschool their students. Another 3% have their kids in charter schools. Around 10% pay for private schools for their kids. The remainder have their kids in the public schools where realistically, they should expect competent teaching of the educational materials and standards as currently defined. In all cases, the parents have a very significant educational impact on their children and I think your list really gives them a framework to think it through.

I'd also suggest that educational leaders and curriculum developers ought to be good recipients for the list. But aiming that list at teachers just seems odd to me. [Comment] [Permalink]