Re: Things You Really Need to Learn

I just got this blog post as at Nov. 23, 2010.

I do agree with almost everything. Where I differ is in the canonical treatment of
"T" ruth. The way human beings and language work, 'truth,' is a matter of abduction as much as it is a matter of deduction or induction.

We can get caught on the sticky paper of language. For example;

"The following statement is true.
The statement above is false."

The brilliant English anthropologist Alfred Gell, who sadly died too soon, but who wrote "The Technology of Enchantment, The Enchantment of Technology," used principles of abduction (as developed by American polymath Charles Pierce), to explain the illogical, yet real (truthful) relationships human beings develop in their cultural and social webs. Kamikaze pilots, anorexics, and business decisions I think may be explained better through abduction than other processes of logic.

Living together so illogically as we do, argues that empathy doesn't work. Locked into our own consciousness, we all share values, attitudes, and beliefs which keep us together. Technology development and use is intimately connected to the values of the individual, society, or cuture. The chinese made fire crackers with gun powder and although a moveable type printing press was developed in Asia 500 years before Guttenburg, the impact was not nearly as significant. [Comment] [Permalink]