Re: Two Kinds of Knowledge

I LOVED your Huffington Post article on "Two Kinds of Knowledge". I want to share with you a dream vision I wrote up in my thesis that is very similar to when Polyani said - "Knowledge, seen from this perspective, is not words and sentences or even pictures and icons, but sets of connections, layered over and over on each other, a fine mesh, a deep tapestry incredibly richer and more complex than any abstraction such as spoken language could express." - From p. 94 - "Living While Writing" - "I fall into sleep thinking of Vygotsky's words and dream and while dreaming I see a vision of words as rooted into the individual's and the culture's past with silken threads radiating out and connecting to other similarly rooted words in an ever moving radiant network, and in my dream the glowing words shift, change colour, and size, and linkages and these threads that are the words produce ever changing tapestries and these grow brighter and turn their luminous beams forward onto the tapestries still being made from our words continuing to move through time." I don't consciously remember reading the Polyani excerpt, but I may have years before. [Comment] [Permalink]