MyNotes - Things You Really Need to Learn
Nov 22, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I guess some Twitterers have rediscovered by 2006 'Things You Really Need to learn' article (one person called it 'dated', but by that I assume they mean 'old', not 'irrelevant') and Miguel Guhlin posted this nice summary. Maybe I should post it in my Huffington Post blog for a wider readership? Total: 143
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Re: MyNotes - Things You Really Need to Learn

I've always liked this piece so would second the motion to republish it more widely. Though I come at it now, a few years later, with different eyes, and one piece jumps out at me. While I'd surely not advise people "Don't learn to predict consequences" I think I'd personally amend that one to "Learn what kinds of consequences are predictable and which ones aren't" (cf the ongoing critique of faulty notions of causality from Hume to Talib.)

But I always admired that you included both "empathy" and "self care" on this list as they seem too often overlooked in our conception of what we need to learn primarily being "out there." [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: MyNotes - Things You Really Need to Learn

I've been reading you daily almost from the beginning and Things You Really Need to Learn is not only my favorite of your pieces (and obviously I like a lot of them) -- I also think it can be more influential than a conceptual piece like The Two Kinds of Knowledge, as important as it may be to make that distinction for people. Things to Learn gives them something to do without being too directive, and your core values are represented in all of the Things. [Comment] [Permalink]

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