Re: Deinstitutionalizing Education

HI Stephen,
so you are ready to rumble! ;-)

Good points and arguments about things that we face here in Europe, too. Speaking about power: I do not like politics in the education discussions. Every election time we have politicians who know education best and say what system we should have and not. It is always I big field of sanctuary, religion and ideology.

Speeking about power. Do not forget the teachers! For my understanding of a 'free learning world' teachers should concentrate on teaching (in small groups!) not on judging or giving credits. The judgments and assessments we should organize in a differnet way. 'Facts and Knowing' we could easely evaluate by eLearning systems individually. I think an 'open evaluation/grading in class' from one person (teacher) brings us a society of goody-goody people more and more.

Maybe we have already those people in power? So, lets change it ... but how? [Comment] [Permalink]