Re: On private classblogs vs. the wild

Interesting discussion and I would have to believe that it goes to the thought that the end goal is the product, in this case the blog. If that's the case, then you can go around in circles with the logic about the publication of intellectual property and a concept based upon the publishing of papers as the end product of education. I lose interest rapidly in that discussion.

But, is this concept totally realistic anymore? Is it the product that is the ultimate goal or is it the process of open discussion, sharing, and yes, even being taken to task by an often unseen public over a concept? Group work and collaboration have been desired goals in education forever - is this not the logical extension given the current set of available tools?

A friend of mine uses this quote which I find myself using more and more. "Nobody is as smart as all of us".

The problem with a final published product (and I'm sure we all have felt that way) is that when it's submitted for grading, it's done. The power of a process offered to the world is that the discussion can continue as long as there are willing participants. I know where my desires are. [Comment] [Permalink]