Re: Debate about Roger Schank's Prediction for 2010

I suppose that we all need to wait until next week when Apple is expected to announce another mobile device, this one a bit larger at 10" diagonal screen size. Some are claiming that this device will "redefine print" and just about everything else.

As to the passivity of handheld devices, I disagree. We are already seeing audio, still image and even video podcasts originating from iPhones and iPod touches. Blogging, twittering and IMing are all there too.

Granted, there are two main issues that need to be resolved better than now in mLearning. They are 1) text entry and 2) ubiquitous, affordable and speedy networking for mLearning. I am hoping that Apple will have some pleasant surprises for us in these two problem areas in next week's announcement.
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