Re: Things You Really Need to Learn


Thank you for your very wise words, which I'll pass on. Sparked many thoughts, one thread of which derives from Point 6 (on communicating clearly).

How long did it take you to write 'Things You Really Need to Learn'?

I'm challenged by the idea that 'it's quicker to write clearly than to write poorly', because I usually find the opposite, but perhaps that's because I rely on writing to help me think. I suppose It depends upon what you consider to be the starting point of writing.

Of course, the preparation stage is paramount; one needs to have the ideas/facts straight, before being able to present a written 'product'. For those (lucky souls) who think in a linear fashion (and/or are well-informed), clear writing should, therefore, indeed be quick.

In contrast, I need lots of time (and writing attempts) to mull things over because so many different ideas and approaches occur to me at once. This can be a blessing as well as a curse (and leads to a rich, if tortured, inner life), but perhaps you'll see why my writing is, consequently, rarely quick.

To speed up my writing, your idea about 'speaking without notes' seems likely to be effective, although I'm viewing it with some trepidation. Do you have any further ideas/comments/resources on the thinking-organising-writing process?

The writing above has taken over 90 minutes, and many iterations, to 'perfect', so I hope I've made myself clear! And I'm wondering again: how long did it take to distil your blog post?

Will look forward to reading more of your work.


I've enjoyed this piece of 'work' and will now set about deconstructing it according to your guidelines in Point 2 (on how to read), to see what I really meant by it! ;-)
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