Re: Second Life isn't dead

Well, it isn't just anecdotal evidence, Geoff. I did try to teach in SL myself, and I read many articles from those that have. Yes, there are a few success stories in the educational field, and I am well aware of them. By the way, there is also a success story using World of Warcraft for education (, but I don't hear people saying all schools should use it.

But is SL something that most educational institutions could use today? No. Not in the present form. For starters, it is very difficult to teach in SL just because of all the skills you have to learn and because the tools are so cumbersome. It's just as difficult at it was to do your own webpage in the 90ies. And let's not mention that currently a lot of computers at schools can't even run SL, and if they do, it's a real nightmare for the IT staff to keep them updated with the latest version. And at home, a lot of students use laptops that aren't able to handle SL well either. Then, if you make it through those initial hurdles, you have to spend a lot of time teaching students how to use this tool. And bear with all the technical problems. And realize that most of the students are there just for your class and will never return.

Potential? Certainly. Ready for prime time. Not even close. And as I said, I'm not some journalist that spend a few hours in-world looking for sex and scandal. I tried hard to make it work, and I do my own research. [Comment] [Permalink]