Re: The Laptop Backlash

I've recently been trying to find out what views across the University that I work at are re. laptops in lectures - from both staff & student view points.
Seems no-one's looked at it; so maybe I might.

However, to answer the previous anymouse's point - I think it depends what you're using them for. I'd agree that video editing is taxing for many laptops - especially those you'd want to carry about with you. That's where the netbooks for portability & PCs for power come in.

I've got a fairly top end tablet - (not actually tried doing Video Editing on it yet, though have just installed CS4 [whole shebang] so could potentially. The main reason I selected it was a combination of the weight & the fact it is a tablet (so I can draw / handwrite as well as type); I could have got a similarly powered one for much less money - or spent the same for more power.

Ultimately it was the combo of weight (& size - .... though weight was the main driver) & tablet features that sold it - rather than it's capabilities to run v. demanding software.

If I were doing a lot of video editing, then I'd go with the PC (& a netbook for out & about) [Comment] [Permalink]