Re: Why Web 2.0 Will Not Be an Integral Part of K-12 Education

This is very interesting, but has little to do with what I wrote.

I didn't write about the web2.0 objection to instructivist teaching, nor about any objections that I, or others (whatever their social-political demographic) have to web2.0 teaching. I was asked to comment on other essays in the forum, and I elected to comment on Steve Hargadon's version of Web2.0 teaching (at least his version of it in this forum) which focused on collaborative student projects. What I *did* write about was why it's been so hard to execute project-based learning in the past, and to speculate on whether those problems would be solved by putting these projects in a web2.0 environment.


PS: Given that it appeared in the adjacent post on your site, I assume that it was from my post that you were alerted to Kilpatrick's essay on the project method. A hat tip would have been nice. [Comment] [Permalink]