Re: Ed2Go Is NOT Higher Education

Ed2Go courses were offered at a school that I used to attend. While they are not are offered through the college they are not courses for which credit is received at the college. So if this is what Barry means about those courses not being college courses he is correct. They also cost far less than a traditional college course. ED2Go courses are continuing education courses and It clearly states this on the website of the college I attended. It states clearly that the ED2Go courses are non-credit continuing education courses. I think perhaps the argument that Barry actually has is that the courses are listed on the website of an accredited degree offering school and these courses are not the same animal. I can certainly understand how the listing of courses like this could confuse individuals wishing to seek online learning opportunites who make think that the course is actually an acredited course. But if the job of a college or university is to offer an education not just degrees then these classes are just as legitimate. I'm not sure though if I were a college administrator I would want to link the name of a college with a company offering a similar product, "education" to students of my school, when I have no control over the content or administration of those courses. Then again a lot of products at colleges are offered by third parties. [Comment] [Permalink]