Re: Proving the Potential of Virtual Worlds

I think that we are making the mistake of thinking that Virtual Worlds are something new when they are not. The enabling technologies may be new-ish but the underlying principles are much older and actually quite well understood. The trick is to look for these principles under their former name, simulation.

Why do we simulate reality? With simulation we can do things like telescope time and overcome a host of obstacles that would be show stoppers in reality.

My first use of simulation as a teaching device was in connection with Jerome Bruner's Man - A Course of Study project in the 60s. We used cardboard and 16mm single concept film loops. There were no computers.

The other connection is with gaming which can also be looked at as a form of simulation that humans have engaged in in since the beginning of time using even more primitive materials -- sometimes just imagination itself.

So meet the new stuff, just like the old stuff. VR is just a new tactic in an age old strategy. Let's retrace our scholarship on simulation and see how it may apply in cyberspace as it has for so long applied in real space. [Comment] [Permalink]