Re: Things You Really Need to Learn

I enjoyed reading this article. As I read those last sentences I knew that reading it was the thing I most wanted to do... :)

I strongly agree with your list of "things you really need to learn". But I disagree about the statement: "schools won't teach you the things you really need to learn...". In my opinion some of today's schools are better than you picture them in this article. There are good teachers around the world who try to teach those "things you need to learn to be successful in live" besides the factual knowledge of their field... I dare to say this because at least 5 good teachers and my parents (also teachers) have thaught and still are teaching me.

... Nevertheless, I agree that many schools could prioritize differently and focus on those important tools for living happily ever after.

Thanks for sharing this article!

Best regards,
Anna [Comment] [Permalink]