Re: Connectivism Positions

You might want to look for some of the blog posts from the later assignment that's the individual follow-up to this group wiki project. Do a search for "7-A-3 connectivism" and you'll find the student blogs, both from the currently running session and from last fall. I'm not sure whether the students from last fall are still monitoring their blogs, but the current ones will certainly see comments if you'd like to engage them.

The first one in particular may interest you, as it's from one of the students assigned to the group critiquing connectivism. He says, "I have spent this week researching connectivism and trying to create an argument against it. That was difficult when I really believe and have observed how connection makes for better learning in my students."

Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I was the instructional designer who worked with Will Richardson to develop the course. [Comment] [Permalink]