Re: Effortlessly and Unintentionally Causing Pain to Others

Pollard shows us all how it's done in his post. Did you notice the photo, how he is staring with focus while the other lemmings stare dazedly upward? Only someone who knows that it's his "nature to be selfish and self-preoccupied and not spend enough time thinking about other people or their feelings" could be so bold.

I admire Pollard's willingness to grow, "spending more time with people who are sensitive, partly in the hopes that they'll be a positive influence." I made a similar decision a few years ago. Except I decided to spend more time with rich people. My bank balance attests to the wisdom of this strategy. And the more I remake the world as a kinder, gentler, healthier place the wealthier I get.

This simply is a great post. And it's also a welcome change from the usual ultra-leftist ramblings you so often post here.

-- Dave Falconetti [Comment] [Permalink]