Re: Technology Plays Key Role in Obama Success Story

Wow! I hadn't come across this before, but it blew my socks off. How inspirational - all the more so if Leonard's information is correct. Among the participants in the video, there are bound to be several faces that just about any viewer will recognise.

I have found it unfortunate that, this time around, the democrats must choose between two opportunities to make history. Do you go with the first female president of the USA or the first black one? In separate elections, I suspect each of these would have been a shoe-in. Perhaps their recent increased cordiality in debate is an indication that they have realised that, together they will be formidable. So, whoever loses becomes the other's vice presidential candidate. What an idea.

As Leonard says, Obama has the ear of the young, hip, tech savvy generation. Clinton, on the other hand, has an older, more experienced head on her shoulders, and has done the whole White House thing. Could such a combo be beaten? I wonder! I certainly think the Republicans would have their work cut out for them.

Karyn Romeis [Comment] [Permalink]